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Day 8 'seeing yourself on the page'

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by louisa1515, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. louisa1515

    louisa1515 Newcomer

    Day 8 (wasn't able to post before but here I am now!)

    It’s funny to read other forum posts and to see so many people say they see themselves on the page. Even in today’s educational information I saw myself on the page! I used to try to track my pain in the early days of it because I wanted to feel more in control and I was still trying to diagnose it. But the confusing thing was I was diagnosed with endometriosis and my symptoms weren’t tracking all that similarly to the way endometriosis symptoms track. So it was frustrating to be trying to “get on top of it” but to actually be producing more confusion and therefore pain.

    I would always find myself so tired when I’d have an extra bad bout of pain and I’d spend all this time trying to figure out what triggered it. Was it driving in a car? Eating something specific? A walk I went on two days ago? That process of trying to identify it was stressful in and of itself.

    I’m also a little nervous about my TMS treatment so far because I’ve been encouraged by a doctor to do this but they also want to determine whether or not I also have endometriosis at the same time via surgery. Unlike back pain, there’s not a non-invasive way to make a conclusive diagnosis, only laporascopic surgery. So they are just trying to determine if there is something physiologically wrong in addition to the TMS that I have. It’s a tricky thing to keep in my head at the same time. My surgery isn’t scheduled until the end of September so I’m trying my best until then.

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