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seeing massive improvement in just 3 days..

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by fls90, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. fls90

    fls90 Newcomer

    i suffer with bruxism, sciatica, pudental nerve entrapment, twisted pelvis, hip flexor pain, tight pelvic floor, frequent urination and anxiety,

    since accepting the TMS theory and diagnosis the symptoms sciatica, pudental nerve entrapment, hip flexor pain, tight pelvic floor have dramatically improved, however the bruxism, digestive problems have become much worse which is really strange to me, my jaw is in agony and i have no appetite and my stomach is bloating. weird that im seeing improvement in some areas and a worsening in others?

    even though i do 100% percent belive in the diagnosis of tms i do somtimes find myself questioning it once or twice a day which is weird because despite seeing the dramatic improvment my brain is still trying to make me question if its TMS..when i can clearlly see that it is.

    im not really sure how to release emotions i dont feel but what is strange to me is yesterday i felt extremely pissed off all day to the point where somone asked me if i was on drugs, i felt extremely angry for absolutley no reason and it was a really uncomfortable feeling throughout the day. it felt like i was on some kind of stimulant. really horrible feeling.
  2. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    I brux sometimes, and what a horrid thing it is. At the moment I'm laying off my teeth and biting my tongue...hmmm, how Freudian.

    Don't try to figure it out and don't try to release emotions you don't feel. You can't. Feel what you feel and let the rest fly. Bruxing and other jaw problems are all about anger, frustration and irritation. These emotions are hot and respond well to movement because generally they urge action, they are up for the fight.

    I've found listening and raging to rock music to be a very effective means for jacking into and releasing them. Acting out and air guitar are optional. Other than that exercise is good. It burns the free-wheeling energy off nicely.

    Mostly though don't fret too much about symptoms moving or changing. This they do. It's what happens in the tms dance.

    Hope some of this helps.

  3. fls90

    fls90 Newcomer

    whats confusing to me though is now that ive accepted the diagnosis, have i removed a block for emotions to now arise that i could not feel before?
  4. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Possibly but not necessarily. Everyone has a totally unique healing path and that makes it hard if not impossible to say for sure. I'd be more confident in saying that accepting tms is a turning point and from that other awarenesses will come. As time passes the language of feelings and our emotional intelligence and literacy increases. Would it help to view the process in terms of an opening, rather than blocks being removed?

    Confusion is part of the process, as are doubts and dips in form. You can spend ages trying to wrestle tms into a box of understanding and it will always wriggle free.
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  5. fls90

    fls90 Newcomer

    yeah it is very strange, my tms symptoms are improving massively and i have noticed i am barely playing attention to my tms symptoms when focused on somthing where as before i could not stop thinking about them. i have done no emotional work/release either. weird
  6. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Similar story here.

    I tried orthodox Sarno and got nowhere.

    I tried some of the other practitioners stuff and got nowhere but did learn a lot of interesting info about my brain. Goes to show how happy tms is to play at being a librarian. It will gladly collect healing books for years. I am a bibliophile therefore it is a bibliophile.

    Then I got cross with all things tms and threw my toys out the pram. Mostly at a handful of people here. Mostly they have been very nice in welcoming me back. No bunting yet but...

    And while I was away I simply got busy being generally quite angry at lots of things that we *should* get angry about. Bureaucracy. Incompetence. The usual quotidian nonsense. I did some most excellent boundary setting. Hard for an inveterate people-pleaser. But good and necessary.

    And them I started to do more things that I enjoyed.

    In sum I started to live again.

    People with tms often go through long phases of 'screw the roses and send me the thorns.' It's not necessary. Life can be a bowl of cherries. Suffering is optional.

    I'm taking the weird wu'wei path of doing nothing. And then doing nice things. Sweet.

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