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Scottie Pippen: TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Mr Hip Guy, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Mr Hip Guy

    Mr Hip Guy Well known member

    I've been watching "The Last Dance" on ESPN the last few weeks and it brought back to memory several things with Scottie that now, looking through the lens of experience and what I know now, it sure looks like could be TMS related.

    At least 2 things in particular:

    The infamous "Migraine" game. 1992 Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 against the Detroit Pistons. Scottie comes down with a migraine and has to miss much of the game with severe symptoms. This game was against the Bulls hated rivals, a team that had kept them from going to the NBA finals for several years. Game 7 was the FINAL game in the series, winner takes all. Lots of pressure, lots of expectations.

    6 years later, the classic Sarno TMS symptom, BACK PAIN reared its head for Scottie. This time it was Game 6 of the NBA finals against the Utah Jazz. The Jazz had come back in the series to avoid being swept and had some momentum. Scottie has to go out of the game with back spasms.

    Granted, professional athletes put their bodies through HELL, both in practice and the games they play. So there could be some true structural things going on for certain. But both of these events scream TMS to me, especially given Pippen's known personality (plus playing second fiddle to Michael, who'd regularly mentally abuse him in practice and games trying to push him to play better).

    Interesting what others might think of this having lived through that era, or watched some of the ESPN series.
  2. JohnP79

    JohnP79 New Member

    Watched it last week and thought the exact same thing! Man he's tough though, not a chance I could have played through my pain lol
  3. Mr Hip Guy

    Mr Hip Guy Well known member

    Yep. Eyes of the world upon him though, I'm sure that had something to with forcing himself out there. Seems like there were other times that he had some issues like this but these are the 2 that were well known.

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