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Sciatica, posture, and over thinking. Help?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Ellen JJ, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Ellen JJ

    Ellen JJ New Member

    I am pretty new to this forum. I'd like some help with the start of my recovery!

    I had an injury that resulted in sciatica most of the time, but *much worse* when I sat. It took two years of PTs, MDs, etc. before someone realized I had diasatis recti from when my daughter had been born 8 years previously. It felt like a miracle as I worked through the exercises and healed my diastasis. My pain reduced enormously and I was able to get off some mind numbing nerve pain meds. (I can walk!yay!) However, now I am left with TMS/MBS when I sit. It's still sciatica and less intense, but obviously a literal pain in the butt. And leg. And foot...

    So, here are my questions.
    1. My PT that helped me so much with the diastasis emphasized posture and I'm sure it helped in that recovery. I find I am fairly aware of standing and sitting "the right way." At this point I'm not sure if it matters anymore. I definitely over think things in my life - should I try and let that go? To what degree? I do think posture and ergonomics can reduce fatigue and aches and pains in a non TMS way.
    2. I'm reading Dr. Schubiner's book and working my way through it. One of the personality traits is the waiting to do everything correctly. Definitely overthinking all of the writing and meditations and affirmations. How to I get myself out of that cycle to a point where I am able to not obsess over my recovery? Or on days where I don't feel any progress, my lack of recovery? Intellectually I understand this will take me some time but emotionally I am feeling defeated and exhausted and frustrated.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Ellen,

    Welcome! Reading your story with the PT and partial recovery, I want to mention that from a TMS perspective, much of the healing may have had less to do with posture and specific treatments with the exercises, and more to do with the support you felt, and that you were "challenging symptoms" by moving in more ways, and being reassured this was OK. I think you see this, but want to point this out: if you can frame your earlier work this way, the less you will be worried about specific postures.

    Allow the frustration, defeated, and exhausted feelings mindfully. They tend to cement themselves in because embedded in them is a feeling of danger or that we are wrong. Spend a few minutes a day simply supporting yourself while you feel these things, which support might be soothing self-talk.

    Doing things perfectly is a natural part of your personality, based on being safe and successful. Let yourself have compassion for this propensity in you, and allow tender contact with yourself.

    "I am steadfast in my TMS work, and it does not have to be done perfectly in order for it to work." might be a helpful phrase. Sense into your body and develop some good "self-contact" reassuring statements over time, recognizing your sincerity, strength, and reality that "perfect" is only a mind trip. Mine is a rough approximation.

    Andy B
  3. Mitch

    Mitch Peer Supporter

    I can tell you from experience that if u focuse on ur pain and discomfort being physiological and not physical things will get better.
    I have been healed from low back and sciatica in the past and have had relapses, including one last week that I’m currently working on.
    Have patience and when pains ans discomfort hits remind ur self that it shall pass and maybe try and figure out what’s triggering it at that moment.
    Best wishes

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