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Day 1 Scared

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by dede, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. dede

    dede New Member

    I am in so much nerve pain in head, neck back sides and trunk. Horrible nausea and retching and I feel sick. Been to doctors and so far they are telling me disks, scoliosis, compression fracture. I am having a few more tests and am not 100% convinced it is tms. I do fit the profile as far as type a, anxiety, and having other symptoms as described in the book by S Ozanich. I have tried so many things sterile injections, PT, acupuncture, neuroplastics, EFT. A couple of weeks ago I discovered TMS. I am now in the beginning of doing this education program. I read John Santos book, healing back pain and s ozanichs book, the great pain deception. Feeling scared and anxious and trying to find hope that I can heal this. Anyone out here understand? Would love connections.
    Just wanted to add that I am committed to healing and so hope to get help from tms, my own internal strength, and connections from others of you who know suffering and healing.
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi dede - I'm glad you found this forum, because it is definitely the place to find support. I'm going to suggest that you start reading posts in our Success Stories subforum. In particular, I think that this one will really help you - you asked about unrelenting pain at a 9-or-10 level, and you will see that kind of suffering in this amazing story:
    http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/cant-believe-im-a-success-story-feet-pain-15-years-90-gone.17128/ (Can't believe I'm a SUCCESS story - Feet pain 15 years 90% gone!!)

    Start with that (as @WantToBelieve says, it's "War & Peace LONG" :D) and read the followup comments as well.

    Then read at least one success story every day. Doing this will convince you and/or remind you every day that recovery from an extreme level of pain and suffering IS POSSIBLE.

    All the best,

  3. dede

    dede New Member

  4. georgethee

    georgethee Peer Supporter

    Hi Dede - If you get the chance see the docu 'All the Rage'.
    Dr. Sarno speaking on camera, him explaining again and again what the reason was for the pain triggered something within me and got me 100% healed.
    Its not the greatest docu, but like the 20/20 docu listing to him talk on camera did it for me.

    Goodluck in your healing, you'll get there.
  5. dede

    dede New Member

    Thanks. I have to remember (with heart for My self around this) to not compare others pain and say if it is not exactly like mine that means mine is different (i.r. not TMS but something else hidden
    How very kind of you to write to me. No pain relief yet, on day 8 of educational program. Still so scared. Can't believe this much pain is not something deadly as if yet not found. I so so so so so want healing. You are so lucky to be pain free from reading!!!!
  6. georgethee

    georgethee Peer Supporter

    Dede - you can’t force the healing and you have to be 100% on board with TMS. Start reading the books over and over and understand what your are reading.
    I have gone through a rollacoaster ride of emotions for months. I started the SEP program after i read the books and i understood i needed to write about my anger and rage. So not only the reading that healed me. Writing down, watching videos reading success stories that combination worked extremely well for me and i felt results within weeks.
    Don’t give up. Keep coming back to this forum and keep posting how your SEP Program is going. People here are extremly loving and helpful and truely want to help you getting better.
  7. georgethee

    georgethee Peer Supporter

    Here the 12 daily reminder coming from dr. Sarno. In #6 replace the work 'back' with whatever part of your body is bothering you.

    1.The pain is due to TMS,not to a structural abnormality
    2.The direct reason for the pain is mild oxygen deprivation
    3.TMS is a harmless condition caused by my repressed emotions
    4.The principal emotion is my repressed ANGER
    5.TMS exists only to distract my attentions from the emotions
    6.Since my back is basically normal there is nothing to fear
    7.Therefore,physical activity is not dangerous
    8.And I MUST resume all normal physical activity
    9.I will not be concerned or intimidated by the pain
    10.I will shift my attention from pain to the emotional issues
    11.I intend to be in control-NOT my subconscious mind
    12.I must think Psychological at all times,NOT physical.

    Print it on a piece of paper and post it on your fridge, wall, phone. Read it ever day.
  8. dede

    dede New Member

    Bless you for your support

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