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Sarno on inflammation ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by rabbit, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Sofa

    Sofa Well known member

    That's just plain awesomeness.. Well done!!!
    And that flight attendant of a doctor must be pretty dumbfounded by your recovery progress, lol
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  2. CreativeOne

    CreativeOne New Member

    Thank you! Yes that sports medicine doctor would be dumbfounded, as are my several friends who are in medical school. They think I'm a complete nut (and they are half right!)
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  3. ter456

    ter456 New Member

    Hello Creative One,
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful response. Good for you that you just pushed on and your symptoms got better !!Like you I have several other symptoms such as chronic pelvic pain on and off for 15 years (constant last 3--MRI was normal here), really bad back pain that goes into my buttocks and tail bone (MRI showed mostly normal degenerative changes) and chronic acid reflux. Regarding my shoulders, I had this same thing 17 years ago and actually visited with Dr. Sarno who diagnosed me on the phone before I even saw him with TMS (did not have any tests done on my shoulder then). Back then I had the typical switching of symptoms (one goes away another comes). Now I am bombarded with as many as 5 things at once which is really overwhelming. What is concerning about my left shoulder is that I apparently have a type III Acrimon or hooked appearance of that space in my shoulder which makes it more narrow and more vulnerable to impingement syndrome. That is why I am guessing that Schechter is going to tell me it is part structural and part TMS. I don't know that TMS can create a narrowing of a space, although it seems it can do almost anything. I've had frozen shoulder twice --one in each arm several years apart. Just rode it out and lasted about 18 months both times. For my current shoulder issue, had a cortisone shot which did NOTHING and in fact feels worse since I got it 2 weeks ago. Dumb ass doctor should have known that that wouldn't work for someone is well beyond acute or sub-acute. So, Schechter might recommend physical therapy as the shoulder specialist did. And if that doesn't work the typical suggestion would likely be surgery which I absolutely WOULD NOT get! Thanks again for your response --really appreciate it! Some of the docs that seem more open minded are Dr. Sopher, Douglas Hoffman, probably the Dr. that Steve Ozanich loves in Jersey, and while Steve isn't a doctor, his book is beyond awesome and one of the most comprehensive i have read.
  4. ellie freegan

    ellie freegan Peer Supporter

    . I've spoken to hundreds of people who get inflammation when under stress and tension. Much of it a conditioned response, but it occurs commonly.

    What I don't understand about this is how to get rid of the inflammation caused by stress and tension and how inflammation is a conditioned response when presumably it can happen without us being aware. For example I took part in a trial a few years ago looking at the relationship between inflammatory markers in the blood and depression. The fact that I was accepted on to the trial means that I must have had certain levels of those inflammatory markers but if my blood hadn't been tested I wouldn't know that I had inflammation. I worry that this inflammation may also be causing my pain.
    thanks in advance for any response.

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