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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Jasminemarie, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Jasminemarie

    Jasminemarie Newcomer

    Hi there,

    I recently discovered TMS and this forum, and it has given me some hope. But I wanted some opinions on whether I am suffering from rsi symptoms or TMS, any advice greatly appreciated!

    I have been having forearm and wrist pain for about 8 months, it started while I was working as a research intern 8/9 hours at the computer daily plus smartphone and laptop use at home. I was quite stressed in this time (applying for a phd and I moved away from family/boyfriend) but since then I have been accepted onto a phd, left the internship and moved back in with my partner. I thought once I left my job the pain in my arms would disappear but it has worsened despite me using a computer minimally (30mins-hour per day). My doctor prescribed rest and ibuprofen! Which did very little. I have been going to a physio who said this was tennis elbow, prescribing strengthening exercises, but this doesn't seem to help much. Stretching, hot/cold and massage feels nice but not long after the symptoms return.

    After reading this forum last week I started trying to tell myself that the pain wasn't real, and for a couple of days I thought I was getting better but now I am back to the same as before. How do I find out whether it is rsi or tms? And if tms, how do I get started in tackling this?

    6 weeks away from starting a PhD, I know this will likely be a much longer battle, but I would love to make some strides towards recovery before then.

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