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RSI etc

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Mark1122, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. Mark1122

    Mark1122 Well known member


    I was wondering if people with RSI like symptoms recognize my issue. Im doing pretty well lately with my believe in TMS but i notice i doubt more when i use the pc more and get more pain. It's especially in my upper right trapezius and the back of the trapezius. Its just plain pain which gets worse everyday i acknowledge TMS and keep working behind the pc. My right arm is cold and crampy and hurts as well just not as much.

    Is this really normal for TMS RSI? I just figured if others with the same symptoms could tell it is i could maybe doubt less about it. I notice more fear lately while symptoms are worse. Because its hard for me to go on walks because im so tired and dizzy/nausea from the pain and my heart cramps and gives palpitations.

    I know it all starts with this pain and my body reacts on it by being tired and by my heart acting out. But is this pain really normal for TMS or maybe not? I hate that im starting to doubt again i cant help it..

    I feel so weird when i walk outside in the beautiful nature i cant enjoy it a lot because i can barely look out of my eyes because of this fatigue and heart shit and anxiety.

    The weird thing is lately i started to really smell the nature and sortof feel a bit happy inside. I feel a bit more connected to the world. Which is great. I do feel shit cause of my exhaustion nausea pain heart etc but i keep telling myself you are healthy, you are oversensitized, all will be okay and i can sortof manage to stay out of second fear but it is so hard and somewhere i feel bad because i FEEL BAD haha. Somewhere i doubt, i hate it. I cant stop doubting about this RSI and computer/mobile usage etc it is so correlated to it.

    Oh and another weird thing, since i felt connected to the nature a bit more than not at all, which it was before since i felt completely like disassociation from the world for the last 7-8 years. I started to get scared that maybe i might be heading the right direction. I couldnt help but feeling scared about the fact that there might be a chance for me to feel like i used to when i was healthy. It scared me so much and it was weird..

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