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Day 1 Road to Recovery

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by nato1003, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. TheWayBackUp

    TheWayBackUp Peer Supporter

    I've enjoyed reading your posts. I am similar to you except I'm a little older and I do gymnastics instead of basketball. But my initial TMS problem was back pain. Best wishes with the rest of the SEP program (I'm on day 31 now).
  2. nato1003

    nato1003 New Member

    Thank you TheWayBackUP, I'm glad you get something out of my posts :)

    Today I feel great. No problems. I haven't really thought about my back much I'm so busy with other things. Life is good.

    Day 19:

    Since starting this program have you done anything that makes you proud? Where does this sense of achievement come from?

    A few things:
    1. Basketball full speed
    2. Quitting Back Exercises

    Both of these things have transitioned successfully and I'm not looking back. I'm very happy about these things. This comes straight from my desire to heal, and my desire to become great at everything I do. My determination in learning how to heal and brought me success to this point. I'm not 100% of the way there, maybe never will be, but I've come a long way.
  3. nato1003

    nato1003 New Member

    My buttocks pain has come back...It coincides with some stress in my relationship. Yesterday it was bad and is now coming down again.

    Day 20:

    If you could change one thing about your life what would it be? What steps could you take to make this change?

    You know, if I am being totally honest. I wish that I had been born looking like Brad Pitt, or Tom Cruise, anyone super good looking haha. Totally honest answer. I'm not bad looking, but I'd enjoy the perks that came with that. More attention from women, instant boost in social benefits. There are some things you can change, and some you cannot. I can get as fit as possible, and dress very well, yet only reach a certain level in that aspect. However, I'm happy with the cards given to me. I was fortunate enough to be born into a family that has always supported me, and money has never been a stressful part of my life, like it has for many people I know. I'll take what's been given to me...though I can dream. maybe plastic surgery :p hahahha
  4. nato1003

    nato1003 New Member

    Day 22:

    Everything is ok. My back is still a little messed up, but I'm not worried about it anymore. Just going to live my life and move on from this. I'll finish the program, but I'm getting a bit tired of journalling and tracking things. I'd rather just forget about it.

    What part of this program do you find the most helpful?

    I would say the articles, but they are starting to get a little repetitive. There is only so much you can read. I say keep it simple and find a method that works. I'm doing ok now and I'm not limited.

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