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Day 18 Resuming Activity

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by 49C2, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. 49C2

    49C2 New Member

    On Day 18 of the SEP Dr Schubner talks about when it is safe to resume normal activities. He says to really look at stress in your life that was going on when you were injured. He also asks if your pain changes at all when you journal and look deeply at your emotions.

    I had no more stress when I was injured than I have ever had. Everything was plugging along quite fine. I have a great family, but have the normal ups and downs that any family with 2 kids has. I love my job, although there is stress being a paramedic from time to time. I had not had any recent bad calls when I was injured. There really was NOTHING that I can put my finger on that threw me off within 6 months of my injury.

    I have journaled and looked deeply at my past. There is no major incident that has caused repressed emotion that I've found. There are a few moderate psychological traumas over the years that I have journaled about, acknowledged and forgiven myself and others for.

    On day 18, and I see no difference in my pain than on day 1. I realize that getting discouraged may prevent me from feeling better, but it is hard to not get discouraged when you're doing the work and not feeling better.

    It also puts doubt of TMS into your mind, which I realize will also prevent me from feeling better. Physical pain from emotional problems is so hard because you can never be sure which emotion is actually causing the pain.

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