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Day 8 response to Peghanon

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by suej, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. suej

    suej New Member

    It was good to read someone who didn't have instant success but that it took time but when it happened it stayed:)
    Wonderful day yesterday with swimming,walking but today agony How does this happen
  2. PeoplePleaser1

    PeoplePleaser1 New Member

    Sue! I had a horrible day yesterday after 10 days of positive movement. I went for a run (which is a trigger) and it just set me off on a negative path for the rest of the day - in pain, negative emotional mindset, etc. I felt like I took a step back. Today has been much better so far. I have been practicing mindfulness and keeping busy so as not to think too much about my pain/tightness. Unfortunately, while I have gone back to physical exercise, I feel it may be too soon to start running - triggers a lot of pain for me. I feel as if patience and tenacity may be what it takes to make it through. Keep up hope and try not to let the bad days keep you from celebrating your progress.

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