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reposting introducing myself and update

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by moni-violet, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. moni-violet

    moni-violet New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm reposting this introduction because it doesn't show anywhere since I posted it, I may have done something wrong, thanks !
    Today I'm working with day 8, and there have been some doubts after the pain came stronger these past 3 days, after reading Peghanson and others success stories I feel confident again, today there is less pain and no vertigo.
    Just a few lines to introduce myself and post my first “issue” while working with the program.

    I started having lower back and legs pain over 5 years ago, it started on one side, one leg, then as time passed started to be both sides and both legs and also upper back and neck, these past 2 years it is also both arms, wrists and hands pain.

    Many of my life activities had to be modified to adapt to this new condition. I used to do a full yoga practice, even taught yoga for a few years, but today I can’t stretch much or do much exercise because of the pain and I don’t practice anymore.

    I read Dr. Sarno’s book like a month ago and I found this wiki page and started the educational program. Today I will do day 6.

    I want to say thank you to all the professionals and people that make this page possible, it is a great resource !

    Now, I had my first “backlash” I’m not sure how to call it, after day 5 on March 10.

    I did the journaling exercise that is included for that day, I must recognize that journaling is really painful (emotionally) !, but I felt great that day, even the pain was reduced, until when I went to bed that night, and started having vertigo. It continued the next day and I was in fear, usually vertigo paralyzes me in the sense that I kind of panic, so it limits my activities even more ! I’m sure this came up because of the journaling or the exercises I am doing in recognizing these emotions.

    Pain all over was also increased these past 2 days.

    Today the vertigo is not as strong as yesterday but I am still a little afraid of doing the journaling for today.

    I will try and do day 6 anyway because I really want relief from this pain !

    Thank you so much and any suggestions are greatly appreciated !
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, moni-violet. Your earlier post did post, but it's fine that you reposted it with an update.

    You are already on your way to being free of your pains. It can be somewhat stressful to do the journaling, but that's where you will discover the emotions that your pains. They may be repressed emotions like anger, or be personality-related, like being a perfectionist or "goodist" person. If those are the cause, just try to modify the traits.

    Don't be afraid of journaling. Feel positive about the process. Believe 100 percent in TMS and don't spend much of your day even thinking about pain. Focus on living in the present, meditating, and deep breathing...
    Breathe in through the nose to the count of 4, hold the breath for 7, exhale through the mouth to the count of 8.
    Do this four times... twice a day or any time you feel stressed, and also at bedtime.

    I'm glad the vertigo has gone away. It's just another symptom of TMS. If it returns, relaxing and deep breathing help it go away.
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  3. moni-violet

    moni-violet New Member

    Thank you so much Walt for your words of encouragement ! I was feeling a little lonely doing the treatment, it is good to know that someone is out there :)
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  4. resilient

    resilient New Member

    I had several episodes of increased pain as I have been working through the program and I don't like journaling either. I hope that at the very least you can continue to read the posts and keep trying to move/exercise or a do a movement activity a little bit every day. I had vertigo last year and it was very difficult to work through. I stopped reading the books for a little while but that was probably not smart. I am back at it now and I think this discussion board is very helpful. Keep believing in yourself! I started to do a tiny bit of running this week even with increased pain I was so proud of myself and felt so free.
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  5. moni-violet

    moni-violet New Member

    Thank you Resilient ! it is great that you are running !!!

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