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Report on how I'm doing so far, day 25

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by moni-violet, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. moni-violet

    moni-violet New Member

    After I read Dr. Sarno’s book I felt some relief from chronic back and legs pain for approx. two months. The pain was never gone completely for the past five years, but there was some relief lately.
    I also started the SE Program and I am in my day 25.

    Now, a week ago, the sciatica pain and low back came back and continuous cramp on both calves. I had difficulty walking and for moments it was scary, but then I felt stronger every time I applied the instruction on this program or read a couple of success stories in Sarno’s book. I kept walking even with the very strong pain, limping but did as much as I needed while doing the house work and daily activities. (I work at home)
    Then, the last two days, the pain concentrated mostly on my left heel.
    Today I feel much more relief.

    These past days, I tried to keep moving, I couldn’t avoid feeling a little afraid of injuring further, but even though there were doubts, I did more than before knowing about Sarno.
    It was not easy, but I kept following this program and what helps me more is reading about TMS and success stories.
    I am also doing the journaling and some things are coming up.
    I discovered that I had a hard time finding activities that I really enjoy … I thought I enjoyed most of what I do, but I realized that I put a lot of pressure and stress so I end up not relaxing or enjoying most of them.

    One doubt that came up this past week was to think of how would it be possible for my pain to go away if it was there for more than 5 years ?
    But on the other hand, I see that there is pain in other areas, and kind of “moves” or alternates places and I had other tension related issues along my life, so I’m almost sure this is TMS and this gives me strength to continue working on the treatment.


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  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Monica,

    Many people have recovered from 5 years or more of pain. I hope you observe that thought/fear and don't believe it. Fear of pain (or of our condition) is a better distraction than pain, according to the Good Dr. Keep the faith!

    Andy B
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  3. moni-violet

    moni-violet New Member

    Thank you Andy B !!!

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