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Day 15 Relationship to pain Evolving Constantly

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by atticusk93, Oct 13, 2022.

  1. atticusk93

    atticusk93 Newcomer

    I'm on day 15 of the structured retraining program, although I've been studying TMS resources for about 28 days. I have gone from not being able to type, play piano, play guitar, write, or do anything repetitive with my hands, to being able to do all of these things easily. Considering I am a professional musician, and thought I had lost the ability to play music for life, "happy with the results" doesn't begin to cover it. Every day is like a dream.

    My pain does move around. Sometimes I feel it in my thumb tendons when I wake up. I treat it (gently) like a simple caprice of the mind. "What could I have possibly done to provoke tissue inflammation this early in the day"? I "scoff" it off, and continue with my day.

    The recovery is a bit lonely-people look at you sideways when you tell them that you fixed years of chronic pain by changing your thoughts. This idea is strange to the majority of people. To accept it means to be in a specific headspace, one that I was lucky enough to be in when I first found out about TMS. I've decided to stop sharing the process with others for the time being.

    Every day, my belief and understanding of this treatment deepens. In this way, each day is a gift.
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