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referred pain ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by miquelb3, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. miquelb3

    miquelb3 Well known member

    in my humble opinion the "conventional medecine" makes an abusive use of the concept "referred pain".
    My son had (has) chronic pain in his wright arm ... but also in his left arm, upper back and shoulders. Lots of medicals trials (RMI, EMG,....). "Nothing wrong, indeed".... until a prestigious surgeon attibuted all that pain to an entrapment of the right radial nerve in the arcade of Frohse (radial syndrome, very controversial!).
    -"But Dr. X, how about the pain in the left arm, shoulders, upper back,...."
    -"Referred pain, that's very usual"
    Surgery done and radial nerve released. Same pain! Nothing changed.
    The answer of the surgeon was: "Total failure. The pain should have been fixed . We don't know why ... but in certain cases the pain persists".
    Weird !
    I wonder if I should send to famors dr. X a copy of one of the books by dr. John Sarno.
    Sad and enraging. Opps!

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