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Recurring stiff neck. Does this sound like TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Logan Cale, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Logan Cale

    Logan Cale New Member


    I keep getting these stiff neck episodes. Sometimes I'll hardly do anything, and bam stiff neck for weeks! Or I'll see a load of people do something very simple, but I try it and bam stiff neck for weeks! I'm in my 30's but sometimes I feel like I'm in my 70's!

    What is weird, one day I'll have a very painful stiff neck, and then sometimes it just suddenly disappears. I always find real injuries get better gradually, not all of a sudden.

    Sometimes I'll be really afraid of hurting my neck, and be extra careful doing something, and that just makes a stiff neck more likely sometimes.

    I'll list a couple of examples:

    1. Neck stretching before activity - neck pain for a week!
    2. Went to chiropractors - neck much worse afterwards! Said I had lordosis (lost the natural curve in neck?)
    3. Small jump/or trip - neck pain for weeks
    4. Neck pain after tennis (sometimes I get it, and sometimes I don't - no pattern) I do get very competitive and hate losing, and maybe this doesn't help!

    If anyone has had anything similar or thinks it's TMS please let me know!
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    My first TMS attack I can remember ,when I was 6, was neck pain. Dad just died... Mom left me with a friend so she could go on a summer long trip. Spasms, Collar, Lived on the couch for a week. After she left the symptoms abated

    In My twenties I began waking up with it every morning ...couldn't look behind me as I backed out our driveway on the way to work. I never worried too much because I thought it was because I 'slept wrong' and it always went away in a couple of hours .It was TMS. I was getting up to go to my 'career' bitchin' job that I didn't like to support a lifestyle I didn't want.

    Than when I finally got floored by pain in '99 and recovered, in the hindsight of 20/20 I knew what was going on in virtually all of the pain episodes I had ever had.... They didn't fully get my attention until they were continuous and unbearable.... a year and a half of being useless made me willing to consider that ABSURD Idea...Dr. Sarno? But MY pain is REAL!!

    competitive? I had 'second place is first loser' seared into my brain since childhood (and still do actually)

    My sons call me 'Belichick' for my ...uh..always having a creative way to win?

    But Rage and anger for a variety of reasons was underneath ALL of my pain episodes. The Unconscious is not logical, reasonable or forgiving... it doesn't care about silly things like 'growing up' and only tolerates them at best. The more you can get in touch with that selfish, angry whiny child and listen to its wants and needs, the better insight you will have into WHY the pain is there to distract you.

    Your very inconsistent symptomology, worsening pain when getting a diagnosis (fear) and awareness of your competitive nature make you a fine candidate. Smells a lot like my life before Sarno. I didn't even have to become less competitive.... just be aware that the 'nice guy' and 'good sport' that I am is just some BS My ego made up.
  3. Logan Cale

    Logan Cale New Member

    Thanks for your reply. What do you mean that the 'nice guy' and 'good sport' is just some BS your ego made up? Sorry I'm just a bit confused as to what you mean.
  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I have played and coached sports my whole life. Besides learning about myself and TMS I have also watched and paid attention to the details of a lot of developing kids and young men...who wins and who loses...not just in sports, but in general.

    Nothing has had my attention and scorn like the Modern 'We are all winners, let's be good sports" mentality that has taken over the vast majority of all enterprises in WOKE america. THAT is a construct of the American Collective Ego. Maybe we felt bad for winning WWII? I don't know. I could write my Phd thesis on the pussification of America.

    My primary evidence that it is a False construct of the EGO is that it is absolutely NOT reflected in Nature, Pro sports,History or anywhere else in the world except in the Minds of a few Noble individuals who actually don't want to admit the emperor is naked. Most likely because they too are naked.

    It is a basic human need to maintain our value (or at least our perception of value)... the only way to know how effective you really are is to stick yourself into the heart of an endeavour. Finding out the ID of your Value by comparison with your neighbor and Competitor. When I don't try to win I am doing my fellow no favor.

    This could be anything... Playing sports, selling homes, digging holes, washing dishes. Branch Rickey said the reason Ty Cobb was Ty Cobb was that he never saw a man do anything where HE didn't want to be better at it than the man he saw, by sundown the next day. I think we ALL have this instinct and it is smashed and crushed by doing what is 'right'.

    The more complicated, and useless, the Ego gets, the more cognitive dissonance occurs and from a simplified viewpoint TMS is basically an expression of cognitive dissonance in an individual. All of those repressed Angers were actually useful at some time in our development and we have temporarily evolved out of them (Like your appendix)...but we don't just quit using them, we DENY we ever had them (I never HAD an appendix!!)

    5000 years ago , a mere tick on the evolutionary clock, your and my progenitors were only concerned with WINNING and they did. The only reason you and I exist and sit here on an internet forum is that our forefathers WON. We are the descendants of WINNERS. They got the food, The Mate, The Land, The field. The Losers had no offspring and were wiped from the genetic map. They live on only in our fuzzy little sentimental brains. Our progenitors prime concern was winning and from a DNA perspective it was SO you and I could be here. The had to procreate , Fight, strive and win.

    But there are some losers in every generation. Technology and 'civilization' passed on the ability to 'think' yourself to success (or 'scheme'). Now I can leave My farm to my effeminate,lazy son and even though he can't defend it, society , law enforcement,etc. will keep the 'bad' winners from getting it from him.

    Think about this the next time your next to some D-bag rich kid in his convertible. The only thing that keeps him seated and his property his own is his belief in a social contract. He couldn't defend it if that contract became null or voided. A million and a half years of evolutionary development doesn't get wiped out in 300 years of technology.

    His Father and Mother who perhaps only have their positions by other social contracts are invested by necessity in him believing IN that contract. When he gets exposed in sports, a spelling bee, a project at school, they need to go to great lengths to stop 'winners' so over a period of time we develop 'ethics' about 'winning isn't everything' and try to get that belief ingrained into the psyche of as many people as possible. That becomes part of our veneer, the surface of our mind. The part we 'think' consciously. We make really emotional films portraying the evil, lonely sad 'Bad' guy who only wants to win (every hollywood sports movie ever)...and 50 years after Our heroes and icons were winners who overcame great odds, we're worried about micro-aggression and the 'feelings' of those Losers.

    "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game" I used to tell my kids "Since it doesn't matter whether we win or lose, let's go ahead and WIN and be the gracious winners". Empathy isn't giving the other guy a head start... it's NOT spiking the ball in the endzone. Don't flip the bat. Don't Brag. Ultimately it's Gods universe and we just get to be in it, but we do God a great disservice when we try to impose manmade ethics on his world.

    I have not become some Ogre since I adopted this philosophy (which came after a thorough personal inspection 20 years ago after reading Sarno). But, when I am around people intentionally agreeing on a fallacy I quickly get alone and review what my REAL (usually repressed) feelings are. When I can get there, all symptoms cease. But every time I get there... I want to WIN
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  5. Sofa

    Sofa Well known member

    Man that is a good read^^^^^ Thanks

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