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Day 16 Recovery time

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by nelsonaj, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. nelsonaj

    nelsonaj New Member

    I wanted to comment on the success story I read tonight. I feel like a lot of the success stories say they felt better in a matter of days or weeks. I am on day 16 (and really it's been longer) and I'm not surehow much progress I'm making. I know that everyone is different, but it's a little frustrating. Retraining your brain to think differently about something like pain is not easy..and I don't understand how people can do it so quickly. I do a lot of self-talk throughout the day, but what does it take for that to actually start working. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who had a longer recovery time and at what point things started turning a corner for them.
  2. Joey7

    Joey7 New Member

    Unfortunately for some it takes A LOT longer than others, but be happy that you have finally found your diagnosis and have found this wonderful forum full of supportive good human beings who are here to help you through. I am about 5 weeks in and though i have improved greatly i am not yet back to the 'old me' or back to doing all the things i want to do again. For some people simply reading the book is good enough to get their mind and body working well together again, but for some it is a lot harder. For example i know i am someone who often looks for the logic, the confirmed facts, i am quite academic (though i am artistic too..i dont know it's strange) but after being to numerous doctors and after years of believing what they say, it is hard to deviate from those theories, that 'this' or 'that' is what is causing the pain. but the human body is so spectacular and just so INSANE that really it is capable of anything i mean, i dont know if you are religious or not, but whether you believe we were created by god or we evolved from monkeys...both theories are pretty crazy yet believable, things happen ALL the time that we cannot explain so why can't we believe that it is our mind causing our pain. I know with me, i still have doubts about TMS and that is what is hindering my recovery but i am getting there and i think often the first big step in recovery is that leap of faith into the unknown, where it is scary and you don't know what might happen but try to believe in TMS and when your symptoms begin to improve and you have had numerous AH HA moments when journaling past incidents or current stressors and you begin to become a more peaceful person, then you will believe even more = then you will feel even better = which will help you to believe more etc.
    It's an on going cycle but someday you will wake up or you will be doing your thing at work or with family and you will stop and think "wow hold up!!!! no pain, wait when did the pain stop, i didn't even notice that it wasn't there" and voila, you have your life back.

    Keep going Nelsonaj, we all believe in you!

    Oh also this video from the wonderful Dr Sarno, the man himself, often helps me when thinking about how long this process takes for some .... i watch this EVERY DAY by the way, it helps reaffirm my faith!

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  3. nelsonaj

    nelsonaj New Member

    Thanks Joey....WOW...that was very well said.. You are definitely right about our bodies being crazy...it's a great concept to remember when having doubts or negative thoughts. It's reassuring to hear that you are a bit further along and slowly improving, not because I would want anyone to deal with their pain longer than they have to, but because it's more relatable to me. Would you mind sending the video link again? I don't see it in here....thanks!

  4. Joey7

    Joey7 New Member

    sure thing, maybe i did it wrong idk.


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