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Day 1 Ready to take my life back

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by scootertoe, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. scootertoe

    scootertoe New Member

    I really can't remember a time when I didn't have pain. Sometimes it was low back pain, sometimes it was hip pain, other times it was abdominal pain and most recently, for over a year and a half, it is stabbing neck and left shoulder / scapula pain along with low back pain thrown in for good measure. No rhyme or reason as to when it would occur - it just hit me like a train when it hit. Like most people I have read about in Dr. Sarno's book and on the videos I've watched on this site, I have tried just about everything out there with the exception of surgery. Being a nurse myself (who ironically worked at Rusk Institute in the early 1980's) and having a husband of almost 34 years who is a chiropractor, ( as well as a son and future daughter-in-law who are chiropractors), surgery was not something I would ever considered. But nothing else was off limits and as you can probably guess because I am posting on this forum, nothing has worked for any prolonged period of time. I have missed countless days from work, have stopped enjoying the fun things in life like a night out in the city with friends and have more recently found myself becoming more and more depressed and distraught over my constant pain. My husband the chiropractor had been begging me to read Dr. Sarno's book and after trying to convince him that it wouldn't help me, I finally gave in. Page after page I saw myself flash before my eyes. Not just the back and neck pain but the ulcers I was diagnosed with last November and the chronic fatigue syndrome I was treated for in my 30's and the frequent urinary tract issues I experience, the mitral valve prolapse I have been diagnosed with and probably the spasmodic dysphonia which has plagued me for years. I have no choice but to believe because the book described me perfectly! Not just the symptoms but the personality traits of many TMS patients. I could go on for hours as this is somewhat cathartic to be able to finally know what I have and reassuring as well as comforting realize that I am not alone and that so many people have been able to be cured! I need to enjoy my life each day, be a productive member of the wonderful team of people I work with, look forward to planning my son's upcoming wedding and hopefully to a fulfilling retirement in about 5 years. I truly feel like that old saying "Today is the first day of the rest of your life"!
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    scootertoe everything you said at the end of your post that you are ready to do, believe that is possible and getting back to enjoying life is so important to your healing. You are most definitely in the right place, your husband was right for showing you Dr. Sarnos book.
    Make sure to do this program with excitement and if you need a day off then take it, actually you will be instructed to take a day off and go and enjoy your beautiful life. I am so happy you're here. To hear the magnificent words you painted took me back 2 years ago when I took my first tms healing steps:).
    I and many others here will guide you so make sure to ask as many questions as you like and enjoy your ride, its time to feel your feelings and to loose any fear that you might have toward anything, its time to heal for good my friend.
    Welcome Aboard.
    Bless You
  3. scootertoe

    scootertoe New Member

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome and words of encouragement. I was just speaking to my husband and telling him how excited I am to be embarking on this journey and how great it is to have people to connect with who can help me as I work to to heal myself and support me when I have days of struggle! I am so happy I found this website and joined this group. I feel better already for having taken these steps! :happy:
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