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Day 1 Ready to be Healed!

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by VNV Nation, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. VNV Nation

    VNV Nation Newcomer

    For anyone reading, if you can reccommend any other books or CFS, especially brain fog, fatigue, and social anxiety success stories that would be great!

    For years I have suffered from debilitating brain fog, fatigue, and pain. I quit school due to brain fog and later quit work because of all the symptoms. I thought I had CFS. Some of this I have stuggled with my whole life, but It hit a low point my Junior year of high school and has been bad since (8 years). I also have sinus pressure and shoulder pain on both sides where I have had two surgeries each, and one of my hips. (Football injuries, torn labrums).

    1. level of acceptance you have of the TMS diagnosis: I am fairly convinced due to all the stories I have read. There are not a whole lot on CFS but I have found some. I fit the psychological type fairly well. I have massive anxiety, am hypercritical of everything, and want everything to be perfect. I just finished reading Mindbody Prescription and now I want to move on to Divided Mind.

    2. any doubts or worries you may have at this point: I worry about this actually working. Its hard to test it out since I quit work recently. I will have to pick up a new job soon or something.

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