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Raynauds ... why?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Lily Rose, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    I must question ..... as doctors recommend ? Are these the same doctors who say surgery for back pain? Studies now are coming out that salt is more important than previously believed. In a few years, this trend will likely reverse itself, as well. One year eggs are bad, the next year eggs are good. Nutrition is a hotly debated topic.

    I also wonder at the premise that blood pressure must be between such-and-such numbers. If your blood pressure is slightly outside this range, the pharmaceutics come in and in go the pills to reduce your blood pressure, or raise it. And what of the premise that I should have x-amount of salt because of numbers decided by the medical establishment?

    What if .... what if ... some of us are naturally inclined towards lower or higher blood pressure, and this is actually our optimal place to be for our bodies? I am not suggesting the extreme ends, of course. But somewhat higher and somewhat lower.

    My husband is on blood pressure medication to lower his numbers. It makes him feel tired and not great to be on these meds. His entire family runs to high blood pressure. His mom is in her 80's, and her blood pressure did go to an extreme number, so they have brought it down. But her pressure always ran high. She has always been very healthy and strong.

    I run low, as does my entire family.

    The problems arise when there are sharp dips or spikes.

    We have been raised to believe what 'they' say.

    Do 'they' believe in TMS? Or MBS?

    So many facts are proving to be not-so-factual. And those facts are promoted by respected medical establishments. This makes us want to believe them even more.

    All of us here are pushing outside the boxes that have been crafted around us ... we are seeking our answers from outside the establishment. And we are succeeding.

    As always, one question leads to another: what is in salt substitute?

    Thus ever, we continue our quest ....

    with grace and gratitude,
  2. nutragirl

    nutragirl Newcomer

    A salted meal can impair artery function within 30 minutes by suppressing key detoxifying antioxidants enzymes in our body. All Fruits and Vegies have natural sodium, and there is plenty for a day without any additional "salt".

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