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Day 8 Questions for others

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by dede, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. dede

    dede New Member

    Day 8. No pain relief yet. I have a question as i am still having doubts (but will not give up).
    Does anyone have pain that moved around daily? I have intense nerve pain in neck, then can move to shoulders or head or spine or chest or abdomen. Does anyone have similarities to this?
  2. georgethee

    georgethee Peer Supporter

    Correct, I had movement for weeks.
    I was still having physical therapy and my therapist at that time did not understand what was going on with my neck, shoulders and spine. I stopped PT at that point. (I ignored Sarno's advise to stopped PT at first)
  3. dede

    dede New Member

    And you are pain free now!??
  4. georgethee

    georgethee Peer Supporter

    My back, neck and spine issues are gone. I workout and run 5k’s. Took me a total of 6 months. Now i have another TMS issue put it moved to another part of the body. Make sure you read successstories on this site.
  5. dede

    dede New Member

    How did you do It? I feel so scared and many times lose hope
  6. georgethee

    georgethee Peer Supporter

    Start reading dr. Sarno's book over and over. I watched dr. Sarno's movies and documentaries. Has your doctor ruled out any major issues? Fear and anxiety is fuel for TMS, I know how hard it is to overcome, it took me months. The journaling in the SEP program really helped as youtube videos with success stories of ex TMSers.
  7. Aziz

    Aziz Peer Supporter

    Hey dede,

    I feel you! I know how in those moments of intense or persistent pain, the doubt and fears unite, and it's hard to maintain the certainty that is so essential in healing.

    I had some relatively easy TMS wins with pain in wrist, neck, foot, etc. (Pain moved to all those areas). It went away in several weeks, or a month at tops.

    But pain in my low back and buttock (a popular TMS spot) seems more persistent. And as I journal and dig into emotional sources, it clearly involves childhood memories and pains that I have avoided thinking about for, well, forever.

    So, in I go. I can see me in you. "It's been __ days, and it's not gone yet!" I do the same thing.

    And yet, I know when I'm grounded and clear, that the process takes time. Some people say for them it's 6 months (like georgethee), and for others even longer.

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