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Day 8 Question to Ponder

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by rudybarron, Nov 16, 2022.

  1. rudybarron

    rudybarron New Member

    Are you having success at recognizing the emotions connected to your pain?
    I'd say I'm struggling with this one a bit. A few months back when things really started to improve I could I see that my pain would correlate with my stress levels. Now, it just feels like things come and go randomly. I'll have a few great days and then a day where I just wake up and it's there most of the day - at least it's been minor so still excited about the improvement. I did an 8 mile hike on Saturday and Thursday/Friday I felt great and then come Saturday morning I woke up and could tell it would be an on and off day. I'm not sure If I was just excited or if I was a bit more nervous than I thought. Either way, it was a great day and that's what I'm trying to focus on. One day at a time.

    I'm working on doing a few emotional check ins each day and those are harder than I would have thought. I really have to search for how I'm feeling or I'll just tell myself "I'm alright" and move on. I find most days that I don't really "feel" much and that it's just a normal day. So definitely some work to do there as I try to let myself feel more.
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  2. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    I am on the same stage. There are some days that I don't really know why this happens.
    I assume there are emotions hidden.
    But there are times when I say, I don't mind what it is, I won't bother and after a period of time, it becomes clear. In my case I need time, I can't do it simultaneously....
  3. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Well known member

    Sometimes it’s simply about expecting symptoms.
    I did an 8 mile hike
    .. and your mind thinks “this should be killing me” and yup. There it is. This can even go back and forth subtly. You tell yourself you are fine. Symptoms recedes. Then in awhile the fearful brain starts up again. Your brain might even be fearful of emotional check ins. What an excellent job you are doing. Sometimes it just takes time.
  4. javierpgomez

    javierpgomez New Member

    I relate to this also. I know stress triggers it- but that knowledge isn't enough to make it stop.

    I'll do my hikes and my activities and that seems to help. But it does feel like it's random when the pain comes and goes

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