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Question regarding TMS pain acceptance

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by music321, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. music321

    music321 Peer Supporter

    I saw a TMS practitioner though I was well aware that I have TMS. My reason for seeing him was to try to differentiate what might be legitimate pain from TMS. The practitioner responded "I cannot comment on whether specific instances of pain might be the result of an actual injury or TMS." Since then, I have been shown great kindness by a forum member in regards to this question.

    This is still a major stumbling block for me, though. In fact, it is the stumbling block standing between me and recovery. Looking back over the years since I developed TMS, I think that the vast majority of my pains have not been the result of orthopedic injury, but rather the result of TMS. This must be the case, since I'm so weak and deconditioned after so many years. With regards to specific pains, as the TMS doctor said, I really don't know if they are the result of injuries or TMS. How can I? How can anyone? If I decide to push through a real injury, I'll only make my frail body even more dysfunctional. If I feel a sharp pain and pulling sensation in a muscle, should I just ignore it?

    The only approach that seems to make sense is to treat all pain as if it's a real injury, yet to try to emotionally divest myself from the pain. I've been trying this for about a week and a half, yet am still very angry/depressed at many things regarding physical limitations, and the state of my life in general.
    In spite of my pain/limitations, I'm going to try to do some volunteer work for a few hours per week. If I keep the above described approach up, and try to somehow remain positive, maybe I'll get better in time.

    Or, am I looking at this all wrong? I have the simultaneous feeling that I'm on the verge of complete victory over TMS, but also lapse into periods of despair.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I really don't know if they are the result of injuries or TMS. How can I? How can anyone?

    The Body heals. Period. "Old injuries" do not create pain. period. I have had more accidents than I care to tally here. TMS exists to keep you strongly focused on the body. "The only approach that seems to make sense is to treat all pain as if it's a real injury, yet to try to emotionally divest myself from the pain."

    That sounds like a formula for HELL. I treat ALL pain as TMS. Falling off a ladder only hurts for a couple of days. My thumb was cut off and I only had pain for a few days. (and totally ignored the broken vertebrae in my back btw)

    It sounds like the pain has your full attention, which is it's purpose. I don't know what goes on with TMS practitioners. I learned everything I could about TMS in HBP,The divided mind and elsewhere, and still learn new things all the time. I am vigilant about things that cause anger or frustration and I do lots of scribbling.... I never worry about 'hurting' myself and I am never hurt (physically)

    I've got a strong feeling if you stop acting hurt you too will stop hurting. You might want to spend some time investigating why you needed the pain...what was it protecting you from??
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  3. music321

    music321 Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. I think you're right.
  4. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    I do the opposite, I treat all pain as if it's TMS--until proven otherwise. I KNOW when I have to go to the ER, for a true trauma--it's pretty obvious--an excruciating new pain from a kidney stone or a blocked urethra (BPH), and not being able to pee.
    It's obviously not working otherwise your mood would be hopeful that you're on the right track--try viewing things as TMS instead.
    Doing volunteer work sounds like a great idea, it will distract you from the pain and you may be able to help people who are in worse shape then you think you are.
    I agree with Baseball wholeheartedly, he took the words out of my mouth, and has proven the theory correct by his own personal science.
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  5. karinabrown

    karinabrown Well known member

    Hi music,

    I understand where you are coming from : but the 'plan' to treat all pain as a injury has one big downside i think : there is no deadline.

    A injury will heal indeed in an x ammount of time (even a fracture heals ) and if you keep seeing pain as injury without a timeframe : Well that can go on forever can't it ?
    So if that timeframe has past by maybe try a different approach. That you going to do volumteer work is great ! I bet it will help you. And reading here and learning more on how your feelings can create pain is also very helpfull
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  6. Lou

    Lou New Member

    I understand how confusing and discouraging this process can be at times. We have the mindset that pain is physical, not psychological. I have been doing this program for about a month now with no reduction of pain. In fact, it is worse some days. I have recently been able to identify one very strong stressor for me. When I journaled about it my anxiety level went sky high and a new physical symptom appeared that scared me half to death. It took a day or so to realize what was going on with me. I know this new symptom is psychosomatic because it only shows up when I am stressed over the pain and I can get rid of it just by challenging my brain and doing some somatic tracking and calm breathing.

    I read a quote by Winston Churchill that I thought I would share. I was ready to give up this morning but for some reason this quote has given me the courage to keep trying and to not be so hard on myself for taking longer to heal than I want. I hope it helps you too.

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