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Question regarding Facial Pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by tommygirl317, Dec 20, 2021.

  1. tommygirl317

    tommygirl317 Newcomer

    Good morning!

    New member here. So happy to find this space. I won’t go on for too long but basically I am dealing with chronic facial pain (not trigeminal neuralgia but more neuropathy) that’s what orofacial pain specialist diagnosed for me.

    My ridiculous stress and fear of dental work has led me to a root canal or two that I definitely didn’t need. The one this past fall I know was due to clenching and stress and dull aches etc. Ridiculous. Of course once I had it I was convinced something was wrong. During this time we decided to move and the stress over this decision caused the facial pain to get worse. By the time we did move in July it had turned to neuropathic pain. Finally went on GABA and it did seem t0 help but of course pain came back last week (and when I say pain it is not debilitating..more just a constant nagging irritation/discomfort where I had the dental work) I have had x rays and CT scan and while the root canal wasn’t amazing there’s no suggestion that the symptoms I am having relate to a canal failure at this point. This irritation comes on a bit after I wake up and stays all day. I sleep fine which is the most confusing part? If someone can give me so info? I have had so much stress w this move and there is a lot of rage (early childhood trauma) and I am definitely a “goodist” per Sarnos book. Does this sound like TMS? If anyone has advice for me I would so appreciate it. I am in LA now and I could possibly go to the Pain Psychology Center.
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    I was just speaking to my friend the other day about this, who is a dental professional. After explaining TMS to my dental folks (I get untreatable dental pain that began after experiencing a cracked tooth and many fillings on one side). They are finding increasing numbers of folks with un diagnosable dental pain, including nervy sensations (which I have). After checking jaws and necks they think its all stress and have begun discussing this with clients. Before this dentist I did see a special dentist for awhile who had said my dental pain was most likely from neck tension...TMS. I have TMS and sleep fine so that’s not an indicator. GABA won’t rid you of pain, it may make anxiety more tolerable for some folks so they can more easily to TMS work but it certainly isn’t necessary. This website offers a free program you can use, its basically the same as folks at Pain Psychology Center guide you through: https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/painrecovery/ (Pain Recovery Program)
  3. tommygirl317

    tommygirl317 Newcomer

    cactus flower thank you so much! I really wish I had done all of this last winter bc it was totally clear I was suffering from TMS. I was out of my mind with stress..a build up of the last few years of loss and feeling like I just do so much for everyone and am tired of being nice! Over it haha. I just find it so interesting how when I go to sleep my discomfort slowly goes away and then when I wake up it’s literally like I think about it for a few minutes and voila..irritation starts again and stays all day. I clearly have a lot of work to do. Thank you so much for reply.
  4. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    I know what you mean! Every day I have been waking up with hip flexor spasms (takes a few minutes) that tighten my back and diaphragm. So now everyday I wake up with a “get to” what do I get to do today that is FUN or enjoyable
    For me it’s “I get to go far a walk” or drink my favorite tea, listen to a book or read some, do some “work” ( my work is challenging but fun for the most part). Recently I sent this month wrapping a present a day or sending 5 cards a day. It is helping! I’m not resisting anything, just not focusing.
    Do not worry or think about not finding this method earlier. That is a form of negative self blame, and I’m betting you were not quite ready anyway. Sounds like you had a lot on your plate to sort through.
    I’m heading into chronic back pain year 11, TMS year 53... It has caused me much shame, but I’m working through all that. You can too.
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