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Question on Foot Drop

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by asomeck, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. billiewells

    billiewells Peer Supporter

  2. BennyBee

    BennyBee New Member

    It's $19.99 per month but, if you can't afford that, maybe Abigail would allow you to join for a discount. I don't know. Her assistant's email address is: info@abigailsteidley.com
  3. BennyBee

    BennyBee New Member

    Regarding the weakness in your leg: I have had a numb foot for quite a while now. And my left leg does feel weak. But this is just another form of TMS. Since I know that the sciatica is TMS and the numbness is TMS, my brain is trying to convince me that my leg is getting weaker. Try to remember just how devious our brains can be!
  4. catherinemarie

    catherinemarie Newcomer

    Hello, I'm glad to be here. I could use some support and advice. I need to start by saying that I am not fully informed or well read on TMS or MBS, but my husband is and he swears by it- it helped him immensely. I haven't had a life time of physical pain, but I had a traumatic childhood and first marriage. I am now in a secure marriage with 2 kids and am safe and loved. However, I still am the epitome of someone who would have TMS, I have most of the personality, particularly the perfectionism and the putting my needs last. I have been in therapy the last year with great success. I've been awakened to what has caused my anxiety and despair and have made breakthroughs- this is another reason I am confused- why would TMS pain start now when I have had such great success in getting to business. One thought is that while it has been helpful it also sort of brings it to the surface. I have been practicing yoga for years and find it to decrease stress. Although I feel I am needing more convincing of Sarno's theories, I seem to want to be convinced, but I also seem to believe in it at some level because I have been drawn to it and I believe all of you.It's resonating with me. This is my current situation: On March 4(24 days ago) what has been an annoying lower back pain suddenly became worse. I leaned ever so slightly- nothing obnoxious- and there was a pain that shot down my right leg that had me screaming in pain. It was sudden and excruciating. The pain was severe in my upper leg at first and then it seemed to move down my leg. Currently,while my entire right leg feels odd and somewhat numb the worst of the pain is in my ankle area. I'm afraid to get up and put my weight on my foot. I have numbness in the right side of my lower right leg near the ankle and my pinky toe is completely numb. I went in for an ultrasound to make sure I didn't have deep vein clog, it came back clear.Truthfully, the symptoms have improved a great deal. The pain isn't in my back it's in my ankle. I've been going to a chiropractor and working on my leg myself with massage, stretches and pressure points which has provided relief. I went to a medical doctor today with the understanding that i was going to hear about drastic "solutions" and that I could hear them but not "obey" them. Still, what he said scared me. He said I needed steroid injections in my spine, I said I'm not willing to do that yet. He prescribed me steroids and upped a dose of anti anxiety pills that I have frankly been on for too long and need to get off, carefully. The whole take an upper and then take a downer to counteract the upper, basically. The diagnosis everyone is working with is a herniated disk (I have not had an MRI because I am afraid of what path that will lead to if I listen to their advice. ) He also said that I am at risk of foot drop because of a weakness and pain in my foot. He think that I am hyper flexible and caused a herniated disk through yoga. Unlike many who are on here, I have not had years of physical pain, I have not tried many different medical options without success. This is new to me and I feel like I can still avoid going down paths that have not worked and in some cases made things worse for may people. I am exploring Sarno at the beginning of the pain rather that after many failed attempts. I'm not sure what I'm asking. I am reluctant to take the steroid, I am reluctant to have an MRI and I am at this point refusing the idea of spinal surgery. I think this is my question: what if I'm wrong? What if I refuse these treatments while I continue to explore Sarno's ideas and methods and in the mean time I have so much nerve damage I am dragging my foot behind me? The visit has intensified my fear. Thank you.
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  5. Todd Tupper

    Todd Tupper Newcomer

    Has anyone fully healed from foot drop here? I need some advice, help!!

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