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Question on dispelling anger...

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by PaulBlack, May 22, 2014.

  1. PaulBlack

    PaulBlack Peer Supporter

    I have been having a bout in my shoulder and neck for a few weeks now and know that a constant source of my aggravation is my work place. (just a few people who just do their own thing, however, that goes against the work flow) so I know as long as I am there, I will have to deal with this.
    My question is..., do any of you use (for lack of a better description) temper tantrums, or a way to funnel the anger or get the anger released more? I workout a good bit, BUT, it seems it is just not the same as really punching a bag or getting something to whack on with a hammer or something and really venting my rage.
    At times I get to whits end with proper thinking, (and maybe too much repressing it) as it only seems to carry me so far!? I mean it seems I feel I get angrier when the pain stays around and just blasting something feels okay!? Am I defeating my purpose???
    Should I think of "being angry from work/job" or, exact situations at work/job, while I am beating on the sack and barking???
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  2. Sussex TMS

    Sussex TMS Peer Supporter

    I know I (and a lot of British men) use football to release their anger - usually shouting a the referee! But I don't know whether getting angry about something else is helping or making things worse? Sorry, that's probably not answering your question.
  3. PaulBlack

    PaulBlack Peer Supporter

    Well, I saw a Rubenfeld Synergist years ago, (I never put that together with TMS/physical pain per se) but she actually had stuff in her office to use to take out your anger on!? I just wondered if it is something that alleviates brain/anger activity like a release of tension, using up or exhausting the energy or electricity in there, then maybe my synapse can path in a different direction??? I have no idea, but at times I just feel need to run out to my garage and punch the crap out of my bags.
  4. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I tried to 'out' my anger by beating a mattress with a tennis racket - as suggested in 'Facing the Fire' by John Lee. But I just got hoarse! I found that using a meditation technique in another book (where you mentally go back to when you felt the anger and hit the person!) suited me far better! I hated doing it at first as it felt wrong and stupid - but it worked so well - in a few weeks I cleared a lifetime of anger! But everyone is different so I think if you feel a physical way is for you then just try it. I would suggest thinking about the situation/person whilst doing it too. As long as when you finish you calm down and mentally affirm with yourself that it is your way of dealing with anger/resentment etc and not really 'at' the person. I think it is a fundamental thing to do - we HAVE to deal with the anger/rage/resentment or we will get ill.
  5. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    When I worked in an office for a big corporation and hated it, I would get angry but
    had to find a nonviolent way to calm myself. I took a nice new pencil and broke it in half.
    It relieved my anger right away. I guess in breaking the pencil I was imagining myself
    hitting the boss in the face or kicking ass of the whole place.
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  6. PaulBlack

    PaulBlack Peer Supporter

    Thanks again for the responses people.
    I guess whether it really works to dispel pain!?, I am on the fence, but I do feel the bag punching has helped of late as I do not seem so quick to anger and laugh off or actually don't seem to be quite as aggravated by certain situations.
    I really do not want that anger to go physical on someone (anyone) really, since it would seem to be a worse outcome for all involved. LOL

    I suppose it will just be another tool in my tool box of therapy, to do battle against this whacky thinking.

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