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Putting it to the test, and succeeding!

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by A. Liedel, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. A. Liedel

    A. Liedel New Member

    Thought I would share my story, maybe it can help someone. I have had probably 6 or 7 acute lower back issues over the last twenty years. The worst came in October of 2014, severe spasms leading to three days barely able to get out of bed. I felt helpless, like I should be in a hospital. MRI showed nothing of note, exactly like every event prior to this one.

    My wife bought me a copy of Mind Body Connection, and I went in very skeptical. But it spoke to me, I fit the TMS profile to a tee. The anxiety, the fear of being hurt, not being able to enjoy the things in life I enjoy, etc.. I recovered after a few weeks, but still had some doubts and reservations about TMS.

    Fast forward to July 2015, and my wife was diagnosed with a serious life threatening illness out of the blue, and admitted to the hospital for a month immediately. The last four months have been in and out of the hospital and appointments, and the prognosis is now very good.

    In the midst of this, I was always worried about my back, but so preoccupied with being by her side and helping her that nothing happened.

    This last week, she completed her final round of treatment. While out for a run Tuesday, I got hit with a spasm. Immediately came the fear. How will I get home? Who will take my wife to her appointments?

    I Took a couple deep breaths and told myself, "You are not injured". I walked home in a little pain, still scared but working through it. The next day I was sore, walking gingerly and fearing another spasm. I had lent my book to a friend who returned it, and I reread the whole thing.
    And there it was, again, a passage where Dr. Sarno describes exactly what happened. People going through something often have a TMS episode after it is over, as they are so preoccupied they don't even allow it to creep in.

    Do I have some emotional things to tackle after the last few months? Duh! My mind was telling my body to attend to these things! So that is what I am doing.

    Meanwhile, the soreness subsided, and today I walked 5 miles. Three days after having a spasm. It is extremely empowering to have this knowledge. I refuse to live my life in fear of another episode, and I now have the tools to deal with it.
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