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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by C64, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. C64

    C64 New Member

    Hi all,

    Just starting out doing push-ups again and getting lower back pain. I have read that push-ups can cause lower back pain from poor technique. I have adjusted my technique which is now very good but continuing to have pain. A bit stuck if this is TMS or from the push-ups? i have stopped doing the push-ups out of fear that this will lead to a major bad back flair up. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated....
  2. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi C64,

    I haven't seen the rest of your story but highly likely the pain is TMS if you've already determined that you have TMS back pain in general. Poor technique on an exercise will not generally cause lasting pain without injury, there might be some discomfort while doing the exercise is your form isn't good. If you have good form and otherwise know you have TMS back pain then recognize this pain again as being conditioned pain from TMS. Tell yourself there is nothing wrong with your back and pushups will not hurt you!
  3. C64

    C64 New Member

    Thank you, yeah i am sure its TMS, fear being the driving factor again,,,fear that the exercise will cause pain.
    My pain been really bad since my last post. Pain off the charts. Started in lower back then to the sides and now stingy burning hips. Not fun, ouch. One good point shows how far i have come with no pain for a long time. I have continued to function whilst in very bad pain. Doing walks and ripped out a kitchen, lot of heavy lifting. Just have too much fear to do push-ups.....
  4. fbcoach

    fbcoach Peer Supporter

    Hey C64,
    It sound like a conditioned response. I say this, because I get these aches and pains from working out at times. Long-story short, I broke my neck in 92' playing Football. I have an 18inch scar from head to mid-back, along with a rod. I also have an implanted spinal pump in my lower back with a catheter running up my spinal canal (held in by screws in my spine). I am still training heavy weight workouts. 425lb Trapbar Deadlifts, etc. I am also extremely active. I never would had believed this before finding Dr Sarno's books. I am not pain-free, but I am not afraid of any activity. Well, not exactly unafraid, but I do it anyway. I am 58yrs old.
    Like you, I am conditioned to believe that training too hard or too much makes me sore or fatigued. I have proven this wrong several times. I can tell you that every doubt you are feeling is from fear, and your pains are from psychological tension that is occurring from your thoughts. (That little voice in your head is full of sh_t :) Keep pushing thru and following the great advice you get here and thru the readings. Good luck and don't give up! We will all get there as soon as our subconscious excepts it.
  5. C64

    C64 New Member

    Cheers fbcoach, good stuff mate,,
    Agree condition response and the fear of "what if"is keeping me stuck and produces more symptoms.
    2 days ago i was working on preparing a area to install a kitchen. I was in major pain, my back went like jelly, then my quads went out and i could barely walk. But i kept doing the work which was heavy lifting and smashing out walls etc. Then the pain started moving around. I just kept telling my self that i am safe and ok, the pain is just a danger signal but there is no danger and this is just learned neural pain which is harmless. The pain was that bad i was sweating and shaking but i refused to,let it beat me. All the pain then moved to one spot in my left hip, it was off the charts. So i laughed knowing this is classic TMS. Yesterday worked on kitchen with no pain. Wow it just all disappeared. Throughout the day plenty of self talk and attending to my emotional state. Today i have woken up with no pain but in The last 2 hours pain keeps popping up in different areas. Each time i talk to it and slow my system down the pain moves. I feel great, what a great few days of learning how TMS reacts.
  6. fbcoach

    fbcoach Peer Supporter

    Sounds like you are in the stage as myself. I understand intellectually (my background is in the Health Sciences, and everything Dr Sarno says is backed up by science and research: also spiritually). I have also proven this true many times on myself. I think we both need to keep pushing thru until our subconscious (autonomic nervous system) accepts the TRUTH fully. One thing I have learned thru all this is that the setbacks really are a blessing. In my experience, I seemed to come back once I get thru it with a stronger belief. Again, C64, keep on going. You are on the right path.

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