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Psychologist-Led Therapy Group in NJ (Jeff Axelbank, PhD)

Discussion in 'About This Site' started by Forest, May 15, 2014.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    I'm happy to announce that Jeffrey Axelbank, PhD will be starting a TMS therapy group in New Jersey this summer. Dr. Axelbank provided us with the following information about the group:

    TMS Therapy Group Starting Summer 2014

    It can be very helpful to meet with others who have TMS to share strategies and get support. Dr. Jeffrey Axelbank, a psychologist who treats people with TMS, is starting a therapy group this summer, and is currently screening potential group members. The goal of the group is to help members deal with the issues that underlie the pain they are experiencing. It will NOT be a forum for comparing pain stories, but rather a chance to talk about the aggravations that trigger TMS and are hard to discuss with other people. The group will be a safe place to explore the connections between life’s difficulties and TMS patterns. And by sharing their experiences, group members will be able to learn new ways to manage TMS to become pain-free, to get encouragement in resuming normal activities as soon as possible, and to “think psychological, not physical.”

    When: Weekly, on Wednesday afternoons, 4 pm
    Where: Highland Park, NJ
    Cost: $85 per session (usually covered by health insurance at the out-of-network level)
    Process: For more information or to set up a screening appointment ($175, usually covered by health insurance at the out-of-network level), contact Dr. Jeffrey Axelbank at 732-572-8848​

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