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Post surgical question

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by abezz, May 5, 2022.

  1. abezz

    abezz Peer Supporter

    I had a surgery to remove a pilonidal sinus in oct 2020. This consists of cutting open the tailbone area(natal cleft), removing the cyst and then leaving the wound open to heal from the inside out through daily gauze changes by a nurse etc. the recovery was hell to say the least and caused me tons of anxiety and fear. The area between the butt crack is hard to heal as its dark, moist and gets poor airflow.. the scar split open at the surface level a few times. Fast forward and now my scar has been healed for a few months, and i have returned to sitting normally and working out etc.. started laser hair removal in the area and things were looking up. The past few days i have been getting dull and deep aches and pains in the area and it has been scaring the hell out of me. My wife checks the area daily and it looks good no sign of recurrence or inflammation. Part of me is scared of recurrence or something happening below the surface, but the other part of me knows that tms is very smart. I guess im just having a hard time reading between the lines and would like to know if anyone has experienced anything similiar. Anybody have past surgical site scar pain?

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