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Possible sex "injury"!!!

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by sdiddy, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. sdiddy

    sdiddy New Member

    Ok here we go - So basically I had a 1 night thing with this girl that I have some history with. I have always "wanted" her, we hadnt talked in a year, and in the past we had sex once or twice and both times it was a mess because I had performance issues (theres more to that story but it doesnt matter).

    Then a few weeks ago after not talking for a year we ended up in bed one night and were banging, but i was pretty inebriated and she was being annoying TBH so I couldnt cum. I kept going harder and harder and suddenly felt an extremely sharp "tearing" pain under my leg, in the thigh area close to the groin. I stopped and gave up, frustrated.

    I woke up and the next day had an "inflammed" and throbbing pain in my left testicle area, or right near it. Ignored it for a week or so but it didnt go away, saw PCP and a urologist, they said they arent sure but looks like maybe an inflammed prostate?? Put me on advil and antibiotics in case it was an infection.

    Their prognonsis didnt even make sense to me. To me it felt like a muscle tear/sprain. The pain sort of feels like my left nut is burning and then also occassionally being clamped in a vice. It comes and goes. I have only had sex a couple times since then, and each time it made the pain worse, so I have been unable to have the sex I want (different girl).

    This is INCREDIBLY frustrating, as this is anew girl I am dating who is 15 years younger than me and i really like her, and I feel like a ****ing loser that cant bang his own chick. She hasnt had issues with it (vocally anyways), but Im beating myself up about it. On top of all this, my left leg (IT band) has also been completely ****ed in the last couple weeks. Its tight and has severe shooting pains down my leg to my foot all damn day long.

    Im a wreck. I am starting to lose my ****. I dont know what is TMS and what isnt. Im PRETTY sure the IT band is, but then a small part of my brain says thats a tight hip which gets worse when I have sex (it does). And part of me wonders about the groin but another part is like, "hey you WERE banging REALLY hard while drunk for like 20 goddamn minutes, you tore something, take it easy."

    I dont know what to do but I need your help. Thanks
  2. sdiddy

    sdiddy New Member

  3. Sammie

    Sammie Peer Supporter

    That’s TMI for this type of forum and frankly inappropriate.
    Hope you find the help you seek.
  4. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi sdiddy,

    Your case reminds me of someone else's here last year: testicular pain or other "groin" pain after sex, and I might also recall something similar to "going at it hard" or what not...

    I don't recall the person's name, but I think they used our "method" and were making progress.

    Basics for a TMS approach: eliminate other causes, give the "injury" time to heal, in case it is really physical --6 weeks?, meantime don't obsess about the symptoms. Worrying does not help, and often the symptoms we're afraid of, we get! The body heals, unless there is an underlying problem ---is there more you can reasonably have checked, or have a follow-up?

    If medical results are clearly "negative" for cause, then you can begin to use one of the programs at the Wiki, read Dr. Sarno's work, investigate your own personality, and history for evidence of "inner stress." Browse the Wiki for more information on this. Read success stories from our Success Stories section.

    Many TMS symptoms start with something physical, which does not heal, or start with a distinct "event" like yours. You may well be in the right place here.

    Good luck in your healing, and ask questions, get involved in any way you want!

    Andy B
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  5. sdiddy

    sdiddy New Member

    Thanks andy, yep the trickiest part of TMS is that is often does "hide" in an actual injury and then just prolonges it. Very confusing and I think thats what happened here but the good news is after reading about other tms groin injuries and then NOT abstaining from sex anymore, it started feeling much better. there is still some discomfort but its much milder.
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  6. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes it does.
    It’s “the more to the story” that is the preserve of TMS.

    This can happen. My husband tore something way, way, back in our younger days. Ah...the joys of youth.

    But seriously, that other part of you...listen to it.

    I feel the need to apologise for this. Is it not ironic that a forum centred upon repressed emotion distains to answer a question on sex. How incredibly Freudian of us.

    Aside from @Andy Bayliss’ excellent answer (good to have you back my dear), I’d encourage you to explore some of the posts on peeps who have healed from pelvic pain. There are loads.

    I’d also encourage you to introduce your heart to the equation. Everything, and most especially sex, is massively improved when there is love.

    Plum x
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  7. sdiddy

    sdiddy New Member

    thanks for the info, and yea I ignored sammie because he or she clearly doesnt understand that sex is a normal part of a healthy lifestyle and we are here to be as honest as possible about our issues and experiences. as for the heart i honestly dont know what you mean, that experience was with an old flame and it was a one time thing. Yes I am aware of love. I was married and deeply in love for 17 years. How long have you been married? I have a daughter who I adore and kiss 1000 x a day. I dont love the old flame that I had a 1x encounter with. so...yea not sure what you mean at all.

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