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Possible dissociation

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by crumbsandcarrots, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. crumbsandcarrots

    crumbsandcarrots New Member

    I've had the most interesting week of bizarre feelings and sensations. Or lack there of actually.

    I've felt a little numb and distant lately. A little lighter than usual. Like my gravity isn't fully meeting the ground or the bed, if that makes any sense. I am not numb on the skin. I check by giving myself a pinch, or brush my fingers over my thigh or calf. And I feel it. I wasn't quite understanding how I was feeling or what was happening. Then I noticed something. The blankets on my bed often offer quite a bit of resistance with their weight, if while laying covered, I lift them with my leg, as if I were doing straight leg raises. Normally just a few inches would offer muscle tension or discomfort. But suddenly I was able to lift a foot or two with out feeling it at all.

    Internal dialogue: "Awesome! I'm so strong all of a sudden. Wait thats not right. I then lift my arms up over my head. Usually after 10 seconds I'd feel something. Some sort of tension or burn. Nothing. Uh oh. My entire body is shutting down, even though I can make it do what I want it to. This odd-no-muscle-burn is paving the way for something else. Something dire!? Don't google dont google dont google. Go back to sleep."

    Flop back into bed and notice that I can't feel my legs gravity resting on top of the other while on my side. As if my top leg weighed 3 oz. Again, not numb, just light.

    Suddenly I realized. I am not in my body really. My mind is a million miles away. Going a hundred miles an hour about health and pain etc etc. Assaulting every sense of the body. I then start to slowly breath. Try to re-enter my body and nearly instantly I feel the gravity of my leg on top of the other. I straighten out and give the sheets a straight leg raise. And I can feel it. Flex my bicep and feel that dull tension.

    Phew! What an odd little spell that was. Didn't know I was in it. Didn't know what was happening. Just knew the world felt different. I thought I'd share. As a way for me to remember this, and see if anyone else has had similar somethings. I've had mental dissociation, where I almost feel out of body removed... but this was all body. And I witnessed a new thing come and go. Hope i can tap into reentry if it happens again. Keywords: relax and feel.
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