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Day 24 Positives

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Ryan79, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Ryan79

    Ryan79 Peer Supporter

    Have you noticed any positive changes in your life while going through this program?

    More appreciation for my family. Viewing them as supportive, loving, and irreplaceable. The article for today had the caretaker syndrome. Supporting five people on one income places a lot of responsibility on oneself. But everytime I see them when I come home its makes me realize how much its worth it. I hate to say it but for months or years I'd think I'd be further along in life single or with less children. I'd view them as a liability, and it makes me feel ashamed. Now they make up my greatest treasures and I can't imagine I'll get to my deathbed one day and wished I had made more money. We had a great time last night doing a craft activity with my son and daughter. My wife face timed Grandma for our youngest and it was just me doing the crafts with them. It made me feel great. They were so happy and made me loosen up and feel less pain.

    The program has also made me think about am I happy where I'm at in my employment? The solo practice modality has been quite toxic to me over the past 5 years. The program has encouraged me to seek out opportunities to practice with another colleague, and bounce ideas around. Having another person that knows how difficult the struggles of the profession and business could be helpful. Its given me confidence to think outside the box and consider taking a risk. It also had made me question if I'm still in love with my profession or consider a career change.
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