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Day 33 Positive things since starting SEP

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by DontStopBelieving, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. DontStopBelieving

    DontStopBelieving Peer Supporter

    There have been many positive things since I started doing SEP, it helped me manage the need to address painful emotional things from my life so I don't overwhelm myself by doing it all at once. It made me calmer, as in to stop when symptoms appear and breathe. I don't rush that much anymore, I still rush automatically sometimes and cant control my thoughts on some days, but it is improving. I realised how many symptoms from my past were TMS and it made the picture clearer: now I know a little bit better what caused them. It also helped me get to know myself better, actually to be fair, TMS did that to me. And finally, it helped me overcome the worse TMS ever. Still struggling with symptoms but with less fear.

    On a different note, I went to the doctor today to check a darker patch of skin on my forehead that has appeared a little after my move to UK. The doctor thinks is melasma and that there si nothing I can do about it. That rung an alarm bell because anytime during my life whenever there was something that the doctors didn't have an explanation for, it turned out to be TMS for me. And there are millions of women suffering from it, and it is usually on the face. What made me think was: even though it is not pain (the classic TMS) you still see it every day when you look in the mirror and it is caused by hormonal changes (autoimmune system). Why doesn't it appear on the rest of the body? Has anyone had any experience with this or heard of other people with this problem as TMS?
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I've never seen what you have, but your doctor said not to worry about it, so take his good advice. When you look in the mirror, try to look at everything on your face except that dark patch on your forehead. You know that TMS is at the root of your concerns or symptoms. Be grateful that the rest of you looks and feels good.
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  3. cknibb

    cknibb Newcomer

    Have you made an progress with Melasma in relation to this program? My wife has melasma and I have other TMS related issues. I very recently became aware of Dr. Sarno and have read his last two books. My wife has tried countless measures to cure her melasma with no success-she is very discouraged. Based on what I've learned so far about TMS, melasma seems like it must be related. Any update is appreciated. Thx
  4. DontStopBelieving

    DontStopBelieving Peer Supporter

    Hi cknibb, sorry for the delay in answering. Yes, I used the cream the doctor gave me but it is difficult to say what helped actually because as soon as I started using it and thought about the patch less and less, it almost disappeared. I stopped using the cream after a couple of months because I just forgot to use it and forgot about the patch. It is almost invisible now, only if you look closely, you will see it. But the thing is, I had patches under my eyes, small ones, that I didnt use the cream on and they also faded with time. So again it is hard to say if it was TMS or not. In my case, I would say it was TMS but I went to the doctor because it is always good to check this things to exclude possible organic causes. What has you wife tried? What kind of melasama does she have? On her face or?

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