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Day 1 Please Help

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by MichaelS, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. MichaelS

    MichaelS Newcomer

    Hello everyone.
    I graduated from college in Michigan about 8 months ago. I was having back issues from my second herniated disc the last 2 years of college. When I graduated I was basically having no pain anymore and living my life normally. After applying to many jobs I landed one in Utah and of course since I am a snowboarder I had to move there. The day before I moved to Utah I had a bad flair up of pain. My physical therapist at the time thought it was due to the stress of moving to Utah. Fast forward 7 months. I have been trying to recover from that episode ever since. Nothing here has been working so about 2 months ago I went to see a chiropractor and he made my back issues substantially worse. I then have been seeing, as my doctor would say, 'the best physical therapist in Utah'. I was having issues progressing in my program so we had an MRI ordered, and it showed I have a bad central herniation. So last week I got a back injection to help calm the inflammation, and now I have really bad neck pain and it does not feel like my back got any better. I am losing hope in every method of treatment and I do not know what to do. I hope someone on here has some sort of advice. I have been reading the book and it does seem like I might have TMS, but I am not certain.
  2. Aaricia

    Aaricia Peer Supporter

    Hi @MichaelS!
    Welcome to the forum.
    I followed very similar pathway, heriniated disc, chiropractic, pt, saw a few dr and still was in pain. Nothing helped.
    Try the program and read as much as you can. Once you’ll get the knowledge and know yourself better, maybe you’ll gain more confidence in your TMS.
    It helped me a lot! And I’m at the point where I have nothing to loose since medical approach left me without hopes. I was told that I have chronic back pain with fibromyalgia and I need to learn how to live with it by managing it. NO WAY!

    Well I’m 35 and I have still many things to do before I’ll sit down and enjoy the rest.
    This program helped me a lot!
    Good luck to you!
  3. Electric_Boutique

    Electric_Boutique New Member

    good for you for finding this forum! My suggestion is to do the program and uncovered the emotions. i'm still in pain from my last episode and i'm also trying not to lose hope: but I KNOW i have TMS and have known it from the moment someone told me about it. When I get on the forum in the morning to do the SEP, I get a pain in my back - it usually goes away after I get up and start my day. but just getting on this forum challenges me. I am working on uncovering a bunch of repressed/surpressed emotions and it turns out that one of mine is sadness: there is a huge well of sadness - seemingly unending well. it's so scary. Stress is a HUGE trigger as well.

    I hope you can still snowboard, or if you can't I would make that a goal asap. Try and talk to yourself gently. - a huge challenge for me. Before I started the SEP i was really mean to myself - not always - but i would have the really neurotic spells and cuss myself out and over what? sometimes - most often, - nothing. I'm realizing i'm continuing the patterns of my childhood and abusive parents.

    I wanted to take a second to say CONGRATULATIONS on your recent graduation! And your new job. I hope you are liking it, and Utah. I wish you the best and I know school is really hard - you're obviously a really hard worker.

    Again, CONGRATS!

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