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Please anyone help me :(

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by osca aelius, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. osca aelius

    osca aelius Peer Supporter

    As some of you may have read my first post here, i still have the TMS symptoms originally from the first time that keep bothering me until now.

    I dont know if its TMS or its structural. I have overcome symptoms like tinnitus, TMJ, peeing weakness, tooth pain, chest uncomfortable, i beat all of these because i know the cause is psychological and not physical. But the main symptoms i cant beat now, is the pubic hair pain on my buttocks, the pain on waist and crotch while wearing jeans. I feel like my jeans is loose enough, but while sitting with my own jeans, my below abdomen feel pressured by the jeans. Even while sitting with my laptop on lap covered with pillow, i could feel uncomfortable feelings on my crocth, i dont know why. It puzzled me, the cause of the discomfort is weird but it push me to the edge and cause me to be suicidal.

    One thing i realize is, after i overcome my anxiety disorder in the past, i first develop TMS after my ex broke up with me. It makes sense now, i may have SO MUCH anger inside me that create my first TMS symptoms, its tinnitus. Starting from it, then all new symptoms (symptoms i previously mention) come out and scare the shit out of me. I may supress the angry feelings so much that it cause TMS, just like Dr. Sarno said. My ex even said im such a nice, even too nice. Even when my ex hurted me, i can still feel pity when she later broke up with her BF, the boyfriend that she chose over me. Even to leave my ex feels bad, i just want to be nice guy, even if im being hurt, i still try to act nice and be friend, just to show im nice.

    It all makes sense because dr. Sarno said perfectionist and good people like me easily develop TMS. Not long ago i got back with my ex, only....... for the second time...., again, to get dumped again and she left me for her previous BF, the same boy she chose to leave me, even without words. Everytime i want to leave her because i dont feel safe with her, i just feel pity, i can never leave her just like that without saying anything. I say it in a nice way that i want to leave her, and she is surprised and even say foul words to take me back, and i just feel bad for making her feel bad, or pity that she may be hurted because i left her. Then trying to put effort so she can be happy, only for her to leave me without words, and when i confront her about her leaving me with her BF, she told me innocently i should have contacted her a few days ago, not now, while the fact is she is the one who gave me the silent treatment.

    I may have moved on with my ex, but cant live with the current symptoms. I dont want to feel like im in hell everytime i sit with my jeans. My below abdomen just feel so much uncomfortable, you may say my jeans is too tight, but its actually loose. I dont even know if buying new jeans is a solution, because maybe its my psychological problem, not the jeans size problem. My crotch sometimes feel uncomfortable while wearing my underwear with smaller size than the bigger one. While sitting, my buttocks hair cause pain because it feels like the buttocks hair is being pulled. I just shave it with electronic shaver.

    Really feels mad and frustrated with myself, why cant i have back pain like everyone else, why my symptoms puzzled me and may make other people laugh at me for listening to the things i complain. None of the symptoms i experience feels familiar to others. Who the hell feel uncomfortable with their jeans? With their buttocks hair? Some people can even sit with long buttocks hair and doesnt feel pain, I can TRULY feel the uncomfortable of my buttocks pain that i shaved it so much, so it doesnt bother me anymore.

    Anyone please help, im in a desperate and dark place :(

    I have managed to beat many of the symptoms, but the symptoms i currently mention still bother me to death :(
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
  2. Orion2012

    Orion2012 Well known member

    You overcame your other symptoms, you can beat this, too. Remember, the subconscious mind is very creative and can create any symptom it thinks will get your attention. Many others have has pelvic area TMS pains, and recovered.

    Sounds like you are still angry at your ex-GF. And angry at yourself for putting up with the way she treated you. Can you allow yourself to feel these feelings?

    Is there anything else you are avoiding?
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  3. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    Sorry, you are experiencing this pain. Orion2012 is right, the brain is really inventive and can come up with all sorts of strange sorts of pain. It’s very clear to me that you developed an over sensitivity in your pelvis area. My guess would also be that you are very much pissed of with your ex girlfriend. Try to look a bit closer to what is going on for you emotionally. You will overcome this symptom, I am quite sure!

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