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Day 5 Pilates and piano playing :-)

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Caroline, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Caroline

    Caroline New Member

    Well I am finding this interesting so far. I have found it interesting to notice those past events which still hold a lot of power for me. This has provoked some strong emotions to arise in meditation. I felt quite raw and vulnerable earlier in the week but feeling stronger today.

    Today I have done a pilates work out video, including those exercises which involve putting pressure my shoulder which I have not done for sometime. The most exciting thing has been spending almost an hour on the piano tonight - the time whizzing by without me noticing and only having very slight discomfort and stiffness.

    I have a very slight discomfort in my shoulder tonight but nothing major - so the major backlash that I used to fear ('i'm not going to be able to sleep tonight', 'the pain will be so bad tomorrow') just hasn't materialised.

    I have found becoming aware of those anger/sad/upsetting events really helpful. I also keep bringing to mind that there is no physical basis for it. Sometimes I take a caring tone, other times I am more direct with the pain and tell it where to go - it depends how I am feeling in myself at the time - what do I need? I have also taken to shouting/screaming in the car (not at anyone or anything in particular) - just to let out some of that stuck energy :)

    Also instead of just listing events and that have made me angry/sad etc I have done some colourful mind maps to help bring them alive and help me see the interconnections.

    Thanks everyone
    Caroline x
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  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Approaching TMS and the inner workings of our mind with curiosity and interest is an effective approach.

    Welcome to the Forum, Caroline!

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