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Day 3 Physical Activity - anxiety

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by CrystalE, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. CrystalE

    CrystalE Newcomer

    When was the last time you exercised or did another physical activity? What was this activity? How did it make you feel physically and emotionally? If it is has been a while since you last exercised, why?

    The question for the day. Well before today I would have said besides walking it would have nearly 6 months. So today I did physical activity for the first time since August 3, 2016. I took my kids to the indoor playground because it is raining like crazy here. I decided before we left home that I was going to play with them like I used to, which means running around hopping, jumping, chasing, climbing, and sliding with them. As soon as I walked into the place I felt anxiety come over me. Then when I started following my son around I felt very anxious. I nearly felt anxious the whole time. I still did it anyways and I'm happy I played with them today because it has been a while. I even felt anxious after leaving and while going shopping and even after we got home. I'm not sure why I felt this way.
    But overall I played with them and had fun even with the anxiety there. And I didn't get more pain or anything. My leg muscles felt a little tight but it wasn't that bad. I assume to get over the anxiety I must just keep pushing forward.

    But before today I hadn't really done any physical activity at all. The day the pain started I was doing Crossfit which I love by the way. So I felt energize and confident when working out that day. I haven't done any exercise since the day the pain started because the doctors kept telling me not to.
  2. hopeful_guitarist

    hopeful_guitarist Peer Supporter

    Hello from a fellow Day Three-er!

    I can relate to what you've experienced. I used to love basketball and biking. Over the past year more than one doctor told me I had to give up basketball for good -- far too jarring to my fragile spine. Happy to say that I've played several games in the past couple of weeks and my spine is still intact - the first game made my legs sore after so much inactivity, but didn't cause any additional back/sciatic pain.

    You'll be back to Crossfit before you know it!
  3. CrystalE

    CrystalE Newcomer

    It is so strange to me even after doing activities and I have no pain increase that I can still have doubts. I dont intentionally keep these doubts but I don't know how to stop the thoughts. I guess it will happen with practice
  4. Cara

    Cara Peer Supporter

    I learned about TMS six months ago. I still don't have it fully under control, but I've started running a bit again. (I used to be a devoted and fairly good runner.) I've been in some pain or another for a number of years, and the first thing I was told every time was to stop running. I've noticed, though, in the last couple of weeks, that my pain is LESS at the end of an easy run/walk than at the beginning. And that my pain at the end of an easy run/walk is less than at the end of a walk.

    Don't push yourself to the point of justified pain, but slowly getting back to the things that make you happy seems to be good medicine for this odd thing we are experiencing. Crossfit is still out there when you're ready. You'll get it back!

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