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Day 3 Physical Activity and the NYT Article

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by zclesa, May 31, 2019.

  1. zclesa

    zclesa Well known member

    I used to go for really long, fast walks if I ever felt angry. I'd stick my MP3 player on and pound around London's streets for a couple of hours. I loved it and it really helped me calm down.

    I love long, brisk walks even if I'm not angry - I enjoy taking in the various interesting sights of London and doing something good for my body.

    I haven't done this for about 5 years since my Vestibular Migraine started, as walking any real distance makes me dizzy.

    It was interesting to note the similarity with the NYT article, where the writer stopped jogging, which was a great source of tension release for him, and returned to it after learning about TMS, and was soon finding that it didn't cause him pain.

    I think I will have to build up to this, as if I get too dizzy, I literally can not push through it nor carry on (I would if it were just pain). And my TMS is largely caused by past trauma and personality, rather than current stressors, so I guess it's not going to be a quick healing process.

    But I have a bi-weekly appointment down in Kings Cross - it used to take me an hour to power-walk there from where I live. So, I think I will try walking back from it next time instead of taking the bus. The bus lane runs directly along where I'd be walking anyway, so I can always hop on if I am too dizzy.

    Hopefully, I can try to build up the length of time I can walk for every couple of weeks. And I can also make an effort to walk more around the neighbourhood now that it's summer. I truly love walking. I'm going to "recover" my neglected love from TMS, which has stolen it for far too long!

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