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Day 10 People who I hide my feelings from

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by resilient, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. resilient

    resilient New Member

    So I am supposed to make a second post today - Who do I hide my feelings from? The answer is almost everyone except my closest family members and they are getting sick of me. But even with them, I would never say, that is too much for me, I can't do it. I have been a person that just keeps giving to others and hiding my own fears and reservations. I don't exactly know what brings me enjoyment anymore. I have spent so many hours giving to family and community and not enriching myself. Sure there is some enrichment in that but I spent way too much time hiding from myself and not thinking about myself. I "did" instead of thinking. When I was stressed, I got busy instead of acknowledging it! Thus I am here today. I am learning!!!
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, resilent. A neighbor gave me some real good advice when we first met. She said, "I won't tell you my problems if you won't tell me yours." We got along great just talking about non-personal things. I would not talk about your TMS pain to most people, if any, and not to keep on about it with family or close friends.

    You probably have given to others a lot more than you should have, and now should put yourself first.

    The SEProgram will help you to stop "hiding from yourself."
  3. Fernando

    Fernando Peer Supporter

    Resilient, I feel the same way, however in my case I even hide my feelings to my closest too, especially my wife. She's highly sensitive (me too...) and she gets very affected by TMS symptoms and my situation in general. So there is a vicious circle here, we talk very little about the issue so I feel more "repressed" (anger growing) etc...
    I also hide a lot from myself, in my case doing more work related tasks... and mindfulness meditation is very hard for me when my anxiety peaks, I'd rather practice deep abdominal breaths, I now realize that I'd been breathing with my chest for most of my life (I'm 40)
  4. Fernando

    Fernando Peer Supporter

    You've nailed Walt. When someone has been doing that for decades it takes a lot of effort to reverse that behaviour. At the beggining I even felt bad when putting myself first but I'm on my way ;-)
  5. resilient

    resilient New Member

    Hi Fernando,
    My husband gets really upset about my symptoms too and my situation as well. I am not working right now and that has also been really stressful for my family. I like abdominal breaths as well. Most people breath through their chest so you are not alone. Keep practicing, it will get better.
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