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Pelvic Pain recovery

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Shoxx, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Hi just wanted to post a success story by acknowledging tms after months of unreal pain I’m happy to say I’m fully recovered from mae pelvic pain I’d like to thank everyone for there kind words and for this site aswell thsnks everyone and if anyone else is suffering from this you will get better
  2. Marytabby

    Marytabby Peer Supporter

    Congrats! I deal with this on and off. May I ask you what finally helped?
  3. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Hi yeh course I think it was a combination of things although I new it was tms I had to go through all the other reasons for it before coming back and boing it was tms as there was no reason to have it
    I basically retrained my brain acknowledged the pain stopped fighting it and also did lots of yoga stretching and mindfulness I had it real bad I’d say for 7months
  4. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    I've had this for about 6 months any recommendations on yoga streching and mindfulness? I have the headspace App and for streches I've been doing mostly the ones in headache in the pelvis (haven't read the book ) but there is a YouTube video of a guy showing them. Also where should I start with tms I think this is the case for me tbh.
  5. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Hi ya yeh I’ve read headache in the pelvis not a bad read but did not really help me it’s a case I think of excepting the pain not trying to fight it
    Work out what stresses in your life also once you except it’s not a quick fix you will start to be on track it will go I got some exercises used which I could email you but it is different for everyone
    I really recommend speaking to Karl Monahan he does Skype calls if your outside UK he noes everything about it and Taylor make a program for you although I new it was tms he really gets you to understand the whole picture look up the pelvic pain clinic that’s him it was honestly the best thing I ever did
    All I can say I be strong and the pain will go
  6. kimaya

    kimaya Peer Supporter

    Hey i read your story and could totally relate o your ocd about pelvic pain this is the biggest hurdle for me I cannot stop thinking about it anything about how you beat the ocd
  7. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Hi my ocd is with me all the time but I always ow acknowledge the messages my brain are body are telling me but also hitting back letting it know I’m in control this by Sts to f calm and relaxed bro g mind full doing yoga and actually being open and speaking g about it
    With my ocd you can beat a journal getting g your feelings out why leaving yourself messages of how you feel epspecoakky ahwn gsvo g a good day against a bad day
    Good luck with it but it’s 100 percent beatable
  8. laky

    laky Newcomer

    Hi Shoxx, I Know it's been a while you had posted here but would like to connect with you and chat about your recovery path!
  9. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Hi ya how are u no probs
    hi how are you how are coping and feeling
  10. laky

    laky Newcomer

    Is it fine with you to have private chat? if possible!
    I am suffernig for three months now, pain maninly in the perineum while sitting but had one bad flare up last week...

    how are you doing? cured/recovered?
  11. Gb25888

    Gb25888 Newcomer

    Hi Shoxx

    I’m currently suffering from the same issue and I’m seeing someone in London about it.

    Would it be possible to discuss things with you as I’m really struggling?

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