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Pelvic Pain - Prostatitis/CPPS success story

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by CarboNeVo, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. CarboNeVo

    CarboNeVo Well known member

    This is my favorite pelvic pain success story from a guy who talked about his CPPS/ Prostatitis struggle, although the doctor did not tell him it is TMS, when you read this story a smile on your face will appear and the first thing that will come across your mind is "oh another classical TMS case " :) Enjoy the reading and get inspired!

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to make a few things clear right from the get go!
    1) I've healed myself twice so far
    2) The reason why I'm writing here is because I read someones post a month ago saying that the people that managed to cure themselves do not come back to "share" their story
    3) I will be a bit of an a-hole in the manner of which I will tell my story

    Lets begin.

    Back in 2007 - the fall of the markets and what not. I had to close my business (consulting) and get back in to FT work. I had to pay a huge sum of money on taxes and things were not looking good. Prior to converting to FT I was working on average of 70 hours a week. I was going through a very nasty breakup. I was sleeping only 25-30 hours a week. Plus I was on some heavy recreational drugs. I was not being what you would call "NICE" to my body.

    1 Week after I had started my new FT job the what you guys call Prostatitis/CPPS hit me. I went through hell just to get diagnosed. It took the stupid f'ing doctors 1 1/2 years just for a diagnosis. I live in Canada and public healthcare is free. Anything that is free - well basically you pay for what you get and if you don't pay anything don't expect results. I had camera's up places, god knows what kind of drugs they gave me, ultrasounds, whatever - you've all been there. I finally heard about private healthcare my golly thank goodness for that. I went there and first had a 7 HOUR PHYSICAL and at the end of my "consultation" you sit with one of the best doctors in the country (because you PAY FOR IT!).

    So I sit down with this doctor and right away he knows what is wrong with me and why nothing had worked before. So he tells me a story;
    Doctor: "My dad had the same issue as you are having now. The reason why he got the so called Non-bacterial Prostatitis/CPPS is that he retired and took on a massive project of building two houses for the family and what not"

    Basically what the doctor had said in simple terms is that his body and stress hit his breaking point and each and every one of us reacts different to stress - for us is this got awful pain.

    I'm going to take a step back to tell you what were my symptoms.
    Pain: 9.5/10
    I've had a heart operation years ago and I would rather go through that 5 times over than deal with that much pain.
    Sitting: impossible
    Pissing: every 5 minutes I would need to go/anytime I sit down
    burning: thighs
    Flat out terrible.
    I've read other peoples symptoms on this forum and I can safely say that (at the first time I got CPPS - I was on the extreme scale)

    So back to the doctor; he said to my stop taking ALL of the pills that they have given you, throw them away. Stop stressing and relax. It is all caused by stress! That is as simple as I can spell it out. So I did - I "healed" myself in a matter of two weeks and every symptom had gone away. I had healed myself (if my memory serves me right) by the end of 2008. I did not have a symptom until beginning of this year.

    PART 2

    This year I got CPPS again.

    First I would like to tell you why. I started up my business again a couple of years ago. Working again like a dog. Since June of last year (2013) I had barely taken a day off. Christmas? New Years? What? Nope worked right through that as well. Taxes? Lets just say I pay back more taxes that most people make in a year - stress. Weekends? What weekends. Moving in with my very beautiful girlfriend - looking around. Less sleep. Big projects at work. I think you can get the picture. My personality is I always need to be "in the zone".

    Well my body started giving me some mild symptoms back in January-ish. Nope - didn't give any attention to it. As you can imagine it got worse. I started doing my researched as to how I healed myself the first time.

    Firstly I cancelled some of my assignments and called my buddy up and said we are going to Cuba. So we left for 12 days basically 3 days later. The flight there was terrible I couldnt sit on a plane. So I would walk up and down the aisle until the plane landed. You know what I'm talking about.

    Plane landed spent all my time on the beach. The only time I had "symptoms" and I remember it very clearly is when we were at the buffet and (my buddy is incorporated as well) started talking about taxes and what not. Besides that I didn't have a single symptom for the entire 12 days I was there.

    I got back and poof its back again. Obviously I cant live on a beach for the rest of my life (oh but I wish I could LOL). I had to train my MIND to just relax. 1 week after I had come back all symptoms are gone.

    Now this is the part I am a total a-hole but I believe this is the only way to get my message across.

    How can you heal yourself
    - get a f'ing dog
    - get your ass on vacation
    - watch comedy films
    - laugh
    - smoke a joint
    - drink some scotch
    - find a hooker that you like - I don't care
    - stop thinking about you pain
    - relax you pelvic
    - just f'ing relax
    - stop being a cry baby
    - all those f'ing pills they got you on - you still taking them? But they do nothing for the problem? HUH? BRAIN CHECK!!!
    - going to the same doctor that doesn't know this problem from his ass? HUH? Rightttt - keep on going to see him!

    Bottom line is your problem is in your HEAD - so fix yourself! Find out what triggers your pain; and remove it!


    Wish me good luck btw, been struggling with chronic pelvic pain for over 1 and half a year and when I found this site I was like OMG. this is me! this explains why always my symptoms reduced or completely disappeared when I was outside with friends distracted by a lovely conversation or when I was on holidays not dealing the daily stresses. And on the other side when I faced a mojor stress situation, my symptoms would always flare up. I had a huge relief realising it's a mind body syndrome and now looking toward full recovery.. not a fast recovery!.. slow peaceful without any pushing - i'm prefectly aware of that :)
    Love this community. God bless!
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  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Love this, thanks!
  3. Ines

    Ines Well known member

    Blunt and to the point. Thanks for your honesty.

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