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Pelvic pain,Neuropathy

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Vladan, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Vladan

    Vladan New Member

    I wont write full story,since it's very long and will take big amout of time,english is not my main language so sorry for mistakes.

    Started after most stressfull time of my life,getting married,moving to another country and alot more.

    Felt sharp pain in left hip/groin/ left testicle > Went to hospital,told me it's epidimitis or smth,gave me antibiotics and told me to come for check up in a week.
    While i was on antibiotics i felt great,pain went away,everything is fine.
    Went to doc ( some crazy guy ) which by looking at my testicle told me that something is wrong and that he thinks i have a tumor on it and even if i dont,he thinks it's not 'working' and it should be removed,and to come in 7 days for ultrasound,what a proffesional eh?
    Ofcourse went home,panicked,googling like maniac,testicle tumor, (pain in lower back,groin,testicle) guess what? i felt that pain hours after ( panick mode,catastrophic thinking,fear,anxiety,depression,my life is over etc)
    Went to private clinic,they cleared everything out told me i am fine,but i still had pain left leg/hip/groin/testicle.

    Tests i did : MRI,many ultrasounds,prostate check,blood,urine,semen,urethra,tumor markers,ultrasound of abdomen,everything,still pain there.

    Went to another urologist,gave me antibiotics for 2 weeks,to clear out any infection.
    Over the time i had no pain ( probably placebo) went thru stressfull situation again,developed severe pain in urethra,testicles,groin areas,lower back.. like stabbing pain.
    Nightmare comes,as soon as i got that new symptoms,testicles never hurt me again.
    I will cut story short,because over the 4 months i developed so many symptoms that it's imposible.

    Numbness in both legs/arms/hands/genital area.
    Burning,tingling numbess everywhere in my body.
    Pain in left testicle,left leg,switched after some time to right side.
    Pain in penis,anal area.
    Tingling,feeling pressure,burning perineum.
    Weakness in both legs,burning groin/knee/feet
    Erectile dysfunction
    Groin/hip/knee pain upon walking
    Urgent urination
    Pain after sex
    Couldnt sit for a minute
    Lower back pain
    Toe pain,nerve pain,finger pain
    Ear pain
    Alot more but i cannot remember anymore.

    It's to early to say i won this,but i am far better,i am stuck abit with sitting pain,but i can sit for hours now with minimal discomfort and i am sure as soon as i dont think about it ( thinking i will have pain after i sit) it will be fixed.

    I didnt follow anything special
    Only calm myself,stop fearfull catastrophic thinking or atleast managing it,stop living in past,dont think much about future.
    My pattern was as soon as bigger boy (symptom) comes other one goes away,that's how i found this site and sarno because i was sure it has to do soemthing with my mind since i developed most of my symptoms by bad doctor diagnoses or by googling.

    Hope you all get well,Vladan.
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  2. Vladan

    Vladan New Member

    Wanted to update :
    PN/PNE/Prostatitis is completely gone for 2 weeks now,so that diagnoses are full of bullcrap.
    Stuck with buttock/knee pain and some numbness tingling in legs.,if like 19 symptoms were tms this one must be aswell since they all staretd together.
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