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Pelvic pain, fibroymalgia, etc recovery story

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by JulieMTherapy, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. JulieMTherapy

    JulieMTherapy Peer Supporter

    Hi guys,

    Since I started posting I thought I'd share my story.

    I started having full body physical pain when I was around 10 years old. I guess it was like "fibromyalgia." I started getting massages at age 12 and the massage therapist couldn't believe how bad my back was. I had been in therapy since I was a kid--I was severely anxious and depressed. I didn't know if therapy worked, I thought I would be in pain forever and I just had to deal.

    I had an extreme bout of back pain in college where I could barely move. It last a couple of years. I saw various doctors, had an MRI, nothing turned up.

    By 24, I started having groin pain. I had pain in my lower abdominal area--it hurt when I walked, when I sat, etc. I started going to doctors, going to PT, no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I was miserable. Then I went to a doctor who said I had a "sports hernia." He sent me to a specialist, with a special MRI--they informed me that I had torn my rectus abdominus and operated the next day. I immediately felt relief. Until the pain started going down my leg and also on the opposite leg. I started having horrific pelvic floor pain ALL THE TIME. I had shocking pain down my whole leg. My anxiety was at an all time high, I was more depressed than ever. I saw every kind of doctor imaginable: Urologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, hip surgeon, neurosurgeon. I did PT, hypnosis, Dr. Schubiner's workbook. I tried everything. I almost got hip surgery. I had a second pelvic surgery that didn't do anything. I got injections in my hips.

    I finally went to a nerve surgeon who suggested I speak to a pain therapist. By shear luck, I found my current therapist, who is a TMS therapist, 6 years ago. I never thought I would have a day in my life where I did not have groin pain. I didn't want to go on living if that was my life. I could barely walk!

    My therapist told me that the pain would resolve once we got to the bottom of it. The groin pain resolved completely in a few months. I was SUPER doubtful. It returned a little at times but nothing like it was. I barely remember what it felt like The full body pain took a few years. He was the first person that made me believe that I could get better from anything and everything. It was an extremely emotionally painful process but I am here today to tell you all that I became a therapist because my therapist gave me faith in psychotherapy, people, and myself. I hope that my story provides some hope to some of you :)
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  2. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    Julie, this is a very inspiring story. Thank you.
  3. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for posting your success story. I like the quote above. I see your appreciation for this loving connection with a therapist, a life saver! How fortunate you were.

    I also see your posts to reassure others and bring them healing, a similar confidence and reassurance that you received. I see you passing this along with good faith. Good luck in your work.

    Andy B
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  4. JulieMTherapy

    JulieMTherapy Peer Supporter

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