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Pelvic Pain Encouragement Thread

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by tmstraveler, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. tmstraveler

    tmstraveler Peer Supporter

    Hey, beautiful TMSers. I'm starting this thread in the hopes of coaxing out some people who have beat pelvic pain and can perhaps come around for some encouraging words on the subject. I've gotten so much out of seeing the stories of people in the past who made it through. A year or two ago they were a mess, then they were 100% better. I love that.

    I was going to type out my story, but I think I already have on here. And it doesn't matter really. Bottom line: I'm between worlds at the moment. Better than when I started, but still capable of a lot of pain. Any given day usually brings a both difficulty and relief. It's as if my nervous system fires up in my entire pelvic region making everything sensitive (though it likes my rectum best--delightful).

    As for my work, I'm in therapy and facing my emotions honestly. I'm a posterboy for TMS turns out: self critical in the extreme. I'm somatically tracking my anxiety and my pain regularly. And most of all, I'm out in the world facing it instead of hiding in bed. Fear has been the biggest driver of this and winding it down is a full-time job.

    I guess I'd just like to be in touch with folks who beat this particularly nasty variant of TMS to encourage me to keep going. To remind me it can be done. My pain psych is great but she hasn't lived it and I only get to talk to her occasionally. I don't even really have any questions at the moment. I kind of just want to be around you awesome pelvic pain warriors!

    I feel I can do this, but right now I just don't want to be alone with it.

    Love to you all.
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  2. tmstraveler

    tmstraveler Peer Supporter

    No one? Hey, I’m even happy to hear from people in the *process* of healing their pelvic pain. Jump in. Let’s all motivate each other. I would just like a current supportive thread on the subject because, folks, this stuff is hard, amirite? We can do this.

    I’ll start by saying that while I’d like to be done with this, I’m at least getting some SLEEP these days. That’s huge. I wake up thinking about my pain, sure, but now I’m getting several hours before that. So, hey, progress!

    I’m also having more good moments than before and I’m told those will continue and expand. The pain moves, changes. It’s all so inconsistent. I’m on to you, TMS! Your days are numbered.
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  3. MIsty152

    MIsty152 New Member

    Count me in tmstraveler! You know my story, but I will give updates as I progress in time.

    I like your tone. It encourages me. We are going to beat this. Lets do this for our inner self. It deserves it.
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  4. tmstraveler

    tmstraveler Peer Supporter

    Right on, Misty. I genuinely feel very confident in everything you’re doing. I’m stubborn so it’s taken me a bit, plus I went down the medical rabbit hole for a while which really did a number on me, but I’m here now and there’s no reason I can’t heal and also learn to stop torturing myself psychologically because, hey, why not?

    @pilatesgirl has a good story that I can relate to: a year and a half of pt with little improvement then she found TMS and it did the trick. That seems to be my path now as well.

    Anyway, Misty, glad to work our healing journey together. All aboard the recovery train!
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  5. MIsty152

    MIsty152 New Member

    Today I woke up with the usual pain, which increased after urinating. I had told myself I have nothing to worry about and everything will be OK. And really feeling my emotions. And all of a sudden my pain turned into severe anxiety/agitation and my pain was gone for a moment. I was like wow what is happening. What is this? Can you recover/get better from this even if you have had a really tough childhood? It's like a can of worms that I have opened. But I feel I have to and go and FEEL. Instead of thinking what I am feeling.
  6. tmstraveler

    tmstraveler Peer Supporter

    Of course you can, Misty. If anything, it gives you an obvious place to explore. Thoughts like “can I do this?” and “what if it doesn’t work for me?” are so incredibly common in dealing with TMS. Everybody has them. But fear is our enemy here. Fear keeps the symptoms alive.

    So know that you aren’t broken. Know that you are in the right place. Know that you will heal.

    Life will be good again. ❤️

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