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Pelvic Pain: Confirmation and Questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by newname7245, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. newname7245

    newname7245 Newcomer

    Hi all,

    I've been dealing with male pelvic pain for a little over a year now, in addition to intermittent back, neck, and knee/joint pain. Physical therapy, chiropractic, and various drugs have been ineffective in dealing with the pelvic pain. I'm wondering if its TMS. I meet all the personality traits for it-low self-esteem, perfectionist, etc. The pain also came on during a very stressful time in my life. I do probably have a lot of repressed emotions/anger to work out. I'm wondering where to go from here. I've read the Mindbody Prescription and I have a copy of Full Catastrophe Living as well. I'm planning on starting a mindfulness meditation course. Which education program does everyone think I should do? Can I do multiple programs, such as the SEP and the program in Unlearn Your Pain (which I will probably order as well)? Thanks.
  2. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Hi there been struggling with same problem 4-5 months now been a very hard time I've tried many different things started with tms then convinced myself it was physical providing u been checked out and nothing can be found deffo tms
    Only in the last few weeks am I seeing a reduce in my symptoms still got them but finally getting a few hours here and there of relief there's no right or wrong way and lots of different techniques with tms
    My best results have come through reading the great deception
    I've read all the Sarno books but this book was easier to relate to also the curable app is very good and journaling
    Is good to just remember to always think psychological not physical
    I wish u well
  3. TimmyH

    TimmyH Peer Supporter

    I suffered male pelvic/ pudendal pain for a couple of years. Got to the point where I couldn't sit at all. I also had off and on a myriad of other symptoms such as back pain, sciatica, dry eyes, ringing in ears i could go on. The pelvic pain was devastating thou and the most difficult to shake. I have been largely symptom free for 18 months now. I did lots of journaling, unlearn your pain, structured ed program on this site, read all the sarno books etc. All of these helped to a degree. The number one thing needed to get rid of the pain thou is to simply not care at all if it's there. There will be good days and painful days but if you simply don't give a shit if it's is there or not, the pain will fade away. It feeds off your attention so if you can convince yourself that the pain is nothing to worry about, it stops being so scary and loses its power. At this point the pain will likely shift to another area (symptom substitution). This is when you know you are winning. Ignore that too and it will go away. The trick is belief. Try to prove to yourself an episode when your pain didnt make sense e.g. like how it might go away when you are watching a great sporting match or having a laugh with friends. Tms pain goes away when you are distracted by something else unlike the pain of a broken leg. If I was to recommend one book thou I would read the great pain deception by Steve ozanich.

    Good luck
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  4. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Hi mate what were ur main pelvic pain symptoms and did you do anything for relief or just ignore
    Kind regards
  5. TimmyH

    TimmyH Peer Supporter

    Mostly nerve type pain. Zapping, stinging pins and needles/ numbness is my perineum and surrounding areas. Made it incredibly painful to sit. I used to sit on a cushion with a cut out to take pressure off the area. I tried a lot of things for pain relief or to get rid of the symptoms. I went to a pelvic pain physio, massage therapist, had a pudendal nerve block, acupuncture, osteopath, medication, capsicum cream. None if it helped over the long term. Wasn't until I stopped all the physical treatments and focused on the tms stuff that I got results. Just remember even after you start focusing on tms you will still get bad days with your pain. Just push through them and it will get better.
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  6. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Thanks for taking the time to reply
    Did u give up stretching aswell as I get brief relief from this I’ve been doing all my jornelling mediating Alan’s program I no this is tms just hard when u get pushed back into the loop I’ve read all the books
    If u don’t mind me asking how long did u suffer for I’m about 5months in
    Thanks for the support
    Kind regards
  7. TimmyH

    TimmyH Peer Supporter

    I suffered the pain for about 18 months. Was a very difficult time so I feel what you are going through. Almost entirely symptom free these days. Get the odd bit of pain when im stressed but it doesn't bother me because I know it will go away quickly and it does. It's amazing how the mind communicates with you through physical symptoms in your body. I see any pain theses days as a message that I'm just out of balance in some way. I used to do a lot of pelvic floor type physio. I too got a little relief from it. I think it was mostly because seeing someone that said they could help me always gave me a boost regardless of what they were doing. Personally I would stop doing any stretches etc. That are specifically designed for curing a physical problem. It just reinforces that the pain is coming from your body rather than your brain. But I would do general exercise for your wellbeing and fitness. Running, weights, yoga etc. Exercise proves to yourself that you are strong and healthy. That's the message you want to promote. Say it to yourself over and over. I am strong and healthy. Or create your own phrase to make yourself feel powerful and healthy. Good luck mate and let us know if u have any other questions.
  8. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Thanks mate I’ll let u no my progress
    Encouraging to no there is light at the end of the tunnel
    Kind regards
  9. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Hi mate quick question trying to push through the pain
    How did u really get urself to stop thinking about ur pain I check in 247 like I’m obsessed
    Any tips ?
    Thanks mate
  10. Exxes

    Exxes New Member

    Shoxx I'm in the same situation for 8 weeks now, because I walk with a limp I hardly go out. Every time I go outside for a brief walk the pain in 10/10 for a day. I noticed that just laying around reading a relaxing book or sarno's book my attention shifted to my pelvis and back every 20 seconds. Deliberatly ignoring and shifting it back again and again seemed to help a little. It's not easy though.

    Yesterday I had a small breaktrough moment .. after a walk the pain was so intense I kindly asked my subconscious that why is it that if I'm 100% healthy there is pain in my pelvis ? And it dissapeared instantly, comfirming myself even more it's tms. It came back after half an hour but it gave me extra confidence to proceed this path.

    I stopped doing exercises for my back and pelvis but now I'm afraid because I don't go outside enough my muscles will deteriorate and the healing proces will take longer. Anxiety is what causes a lot of this stuff so it's not ideal to ponder over this to much. Not easy !

    Also I journal every day, read succes stories to strenghten my belief in tms and read sarno's books.

    Hope this helps ..

    Ps: after typing this message, being really focussed on the message, the pain dissapeared again ? Weird stuff !
  11. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    I am a woman with pelvic pain - though in my case mostly urethra and bladder pain. The pain in the pelvic muscles I find annoying but not devastating. But I never felt it as nerve pain. Just dull muscle pain. I succeeded with the Sarno method - I used Schubiner's book "Unlearn your pain". And what helped me most is: stay calm, being kind to myself, being aware of what's going on, and not focus on pain!!!! If absolutely necessary I took a pain killer rather than drop a social activity because of pain. I am still not 100% healed, I have flares now and then, even longer ones sometimes. But now I know why!
    About exercise: it is healthy to moderately exercise. I do yoga sometimes, I try to walk a lot. In summer I am gardening a lot. If you are not able to do these things because you walk with a limp then other exercises might be a good compensate.
    But the most important thing for me was to stay calm. Fear makes it worse.
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  12. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Sorry your having this pain I must be coming up 5 months now I no it’s tms as it moves around the pelvis area all the time but because I also suffer quiet bad with ocd I can’t stop my self thinking about it all the team I’ve sort of excepted the pAin is there but I can’t forget about it coz I’m stuck tho king about it every two minutes I believe this is why I’m stuck

    WhT causes ur limp and how are you coping ?
  13. Exxes

    Exxes New Member

    I feel your pain, I'm familiar with ocd, as in running back up the stairs 4 times to check if the gasbutton is turned off when leaving my appartment (3th floor) ^^

    The intense backpain, sciatica and pelvispain causes the limp. In other words tms ...

    The first weeks I used to cope by rolling over the floor 24/24 in excruciating pain and taking piles of Naproxen and synthetic Opiods. I was happy when I could sleep a few hours every 2 nights.

    I ditched all medication, even stopped smoking weed (which I used daily for 20 years) and am now journaling most of the day. Confronting my emotions 1 at a time and affirming myself I'm ok, ignoring the "signals" (the pain). Also reading dr Sarno's books and successtories helps me aswel as watching Schubiner's presentations on youtube.

    The pain is still powerfull but not like 3-4 weeks ago .. I sleep about 7 to 8 hours a night now ! Since last week I often wake up though .. because of nightmares and crazy dreams. I use that moment to write down the subject of my dream and fall asleep again. In the morning I journal about my dreams and about past and present emotions.

    I also try to go outside every day but it's hard, I barely make it back home and suffer for hours when I get back to my bed.

    It's getting better though (slowly, 2 steps forward and 1 step back) so I keep trying ! I can't ignore anymore it's tms, although my mind is constantly trying to fool me and making me doubt to keep me unraveling my emotions. A tricky little bastard ^^
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  14. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Totally get it for me the only time I have no pain is when I sleep two great books to read though the great pain deception and teaching us to sit still I’ve tried all the tms techniques and read all sarno over and over I use the curable app I think I could handle it anywhere else but this area one minute I think I’m on the mend then bam I’m back I’m trying to be positive and it’s nice knowing I’m not alone although I would not want anyone else to suffer this
  15. Exxes

    Exxes New Member

    I should try this curable app where people are talking about !

    Yep it's quite a ride .. but damn when it's over you gonna be mentally strong and you gonna know what is important in life :)

    Yeah you don't wish this stuff upon your worst enemy ! But we wouldn't either way, being goodists ^^
  16. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    This is true knowing I cured severe tendinitis in my knee which left me unable to walk properly for two years being told by every top specialist my tendon was knackered found tms went within 3 weeks but I guess why this is hArd is tms practices are not working means I need to dig deeper is there any trigger u can remember that brought urs on
  17. Exxes

    Exxes New Member

    Yes there where many triggers over the last couple of years I realise now, not just one .. a difficult to swallow end of a relationship, my whole department being fired and starting a new job in a high end competitive company, my needy mother who ended up in the hospital a month after I started the new job, an incident of violance where I couldn't react do to circumstances and had to swallow my rage .. just to name a few of the more recent triggers.

    I realised these trough my dreams, quickwriting and by going into deep meditation whereafter images or flashes off said events popped up. Also the examples provided in Sarno's books gave me good indications what initially started and triggered tms.
  18. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    Fingers crossed it won’t last for long
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  19. TimmyH

    TimmyH Peer Supporter

    Its difficult to try cold turkey to not think about the pain. At first every time my mind drifted onto the pain or got a jolt of it I used to say to myself, dont worry about it, your nervous system is just being over sensitive, it is meaningless. Then I used to walk a bit faster, cycle a bit harder, plonk myself down on that chair firmer. Basically do THE opposite of what my overly protective mind was telling me. I used to fight back against that, it's bullshit! After a while all these activities that you are doing become dethreatened as your confidence grows and you can do them and the pain doesn't get worse. It might be still there but your not afraid of it. So your life gets fuller and you can do more and more physically until one day your sitting in your work chair or your bike and you realise that the pain is gone.

    Start tackling these painful activities head on and get comfortable being in pain. Don't be afraid of it and eventually it fades away.
  20. Shoxx

    Shoxx Peer Supporter

    I’m getting g there slow was making progress then out the blew extreme from pain
    It always knocks me sideways should be used to it by now

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