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Pelvic floor pain and bladder discomfort

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Skyman824, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Skyman824

    Skyman824 New Member

    Hi guys ,

    this is my second post now of the forum... I’ve had pelvic floor pain for almost 2 years now... back in March of 2018 I was in a stressful time of my life and developed the pain... I couldn’t even sit, I had penile pain, testicle pain and discomfort urinating ... I went to a millions different doctors , urinalysis, rectal exam , blood work, std check, and nothing came up... eventually I went to a doctor who sent me for pelvic floor PT once a week for a few months which I feel didn’t really make it better or worse. 1 year and 9 months later I don’t have the penile / testical pain, but I do still have an ache in my rectum that seems to come when I’m sitting or a nervous situation... I also feel like my bladder is still very small and when I have to pee it’s hard for me to hold it and I dribble a little bit after I’m done (not sure if that’s normal) but no burning when i urinate , just smaller bladder and discomfort holding it (maybe urinate 10 times in a day depending on water intake ) ... Ive been adding heat to my rectal area to help take my mind off the aching and I’ve noticed alcohol sometimes numb any of my pain... I’m not losing hope but I want to know if there’s anything else I can do to fine tune the healing progress (food , diet , journal etc) ... I haven’t changed anything drastically since my “diagnosis”. Any feed back would be much appreciated .
  2. Mike46

    Mike46 New Member

    I have the same exact thing. Went to the Urologist, everything came back normal. Did pelvic floor PT, didn't really have any positive or negative impact. Thankfully the pain in my butt has subsided significantly but the bladder issue has increased. Feels like my lower abs are tight and squeezing my bladder. It gets worse when I'm stressed or mad. I'm focusing on heeling through TMS but I haven't figured it out yet. I'm trying to focus on the psychological reasons for the pain. I've been reading alot about TMS, journaling, practicing mindful mediation, exercising, just started trama release exercises. In speaking with members on here I'm doing too much but that's my TMS personality. At some point I will figure it out. If you figure something out let me know. good Luck.
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  3. sheltered

    sheltered Peer Supporter

    Hey there. I can relate to both of you. Similar symptoms and similar remedies tried. I rarely come by this forum anymore as I've been symptom free for quite some time now. I should drop in more often to provide encouragement. Lots of good information on this forum and of course, Dr. Sarno's books but I'll add my humble opinion. First off, you are on the right track here. The most important information I can give you is this, you will get better! Not a little better. Not "managing" it better. Not sometimes better. You will get 100% better. And you will get better in all aspects of life. Not just your TMS which is just a symptom of a distorted view of the world. So, that is the good news! But to get better, you're gonna have to do some work. Your gonna need to ask the universe for some help. Your gonna need to address the darkness in you and the dis-ease within your soul and the sickness of the ego. Heavy lifting. It would be easier if you could eat bananas or sit on a hot water bottle or have someone stick their figures in your rear or whatever. It would be easier but infinitely less rewarding. You are on a crusade now! This takes time. So, be patient and kind with yourself. I suffered mightily for about 9 months. That's how long it took to break me right down to the core. In a moment of surrender, I came across an article on the death of Sarno. Even with this blast of truth and faith in the program, it takes time to recover. I think the Sarno writing makes it look a bit too easy and stops short of what a bout of TMS can do as a teacher. Pain, what a terrible thing to waste! Use yours wisely and keep awareness. It's when I started to see the pain in a different light that recovery totally took hold. It was not a change in lifestyle (although I will say I think meditation helped loosen the gears so to speak), it was a change in perception that occurred. I don't particularly have a "stressful" life but I would guard against blaming stress or when you get mad. Good luck getting through life without getting stressed or mad! I still get stressed on occasion and mad but it doesn't manifest into physical pain. I think TMS is more about tension in the mind which is a different thing. Off course, if you do have a lifestyle that is really stressful and you are mad all the time well then there might be something else going on there. Anyway, enough from me. You will find your own way out. It's an individual thing but you are definitely on the right path. Keep the faith!

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