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Peace of mind

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by ariel233, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. ariel233

    ariel233 New Member

    Hello !
    I am 20 years old and my story start actually a 3 years ago , but after a deep thinking with myself , i think that it start a lot earlier.
    I remember that i was always bullyed by other children (from the age of 10) because of my weight , after like 3 years i made a diet and really lose all my overweight and looked really good so the other childern cant laugh on me , but they found other things to laugh on me and that continued untill the age of 16 (i always had friends and all but part of them laugh on me and bulliyed me).
    In the age of 16 i make a change and i decide not let anyone to make laugh on me and it really works and all this things stoped.
    But really short time after all this things stopped my TMS began - at the start it was a skin allergy , after the allergy disapear , i start to feel Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms , and after a 2 months when almost all those symptoms gone , a new thing came to me - the fibromylagia symptoms - all my entire body had pain , and espcially the back .
    Also i had really bad sleep problems , i was wake up no matter when i go to sleep in exactly 3AM and stay awake for at least 2 hours , and after that i wake up to school like a zombie.
    I suffered from all the fibromialgia symptoms for something like 6 months , and then i just search little in google and saw about DR Serano and all the TMS thing and i say to myself - please god help me and make it success for me !
    and really i order DR Serano book and after a week he came to me and after one more month i was almost clear from all the pain and symptoms that i suffer from them so much time - and because of that i really believe that if something can help me - is the TMS.
    Back to my story - after sometime of peace of mind - my brain find something to bother me - i was 18 years old and still a virgin and it really bothered me this time - and it bother me for a while and after i lose my virginity - my mind find something else to bother me , and i remember that this march (2017) i tried to had sex with my girlfriend and had a "mechanic problem" if you know what i mean , and from that point , what that bother me until then , stopped bother me and this start to bother me.
    And after a few months of erection problems that came and go i got over it , and guess what ?!
    Yes yes my friends - something new - that actually was there all the time start to bother me , and yesterday i had again erect problem after a 3 months that i hasnt had any problem
    And now it bother me again and take the place of the thing that bother me before it.
    So why i told you all this ?
    Because i want to show you my main problem - my mind cant stand that nothing bother him , and it will always find something and it really sucks , because i dont have really motivation to try slove problems cuz my mind always found a new thing to be bothered of.
    And when i tell you that it bothered me it make me obsese thinking about it and also sometimes even sleep problems that i wake up from dreams about the thing that bother me and it really hurt my life .
    a 5 months ago i met a psychotherpist and he told me that he think that i has OCD thinking and recommended me to take anti depression and anxiety pills but i dont gonna make it ever because all of the side effects .
    I really respect and believe in the TMS method after it help me with my physical pains.
    So after that i say all this things , someone of you guys have tips or something that might help me with my problem ? , maybe some that suffer from that same thing and got over it?

    Thanks a lot !

    BTW - English is not my first language so if you dont understand something that i write - tell me and i will try explain .
  2. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Just to scratch off a possible cause: porn addiction... look it up if it is the case, erectile problems can be the result.
    You are circling the earth and fear going sub-orbital to touch down. I think you would benefit a lot more from therapy than pills. Pills are needed in certain cases, but in a lot of cultures doctors are way to quick with prescribing them for things that can be solved by therapy alone. The kind of therapy should involve emotional awareness and trying to get to the core thing that your mind tries to avoid having to deal with. If you want to go that road, make sure you find a therapist that agrees with that emotional awareness is key here.
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  3. Odrog

    Odrog New Member

    Anxiety Disorder and TMS are closely linked, and you have all the hallmarks of both. You really can recover from this without drugs, in fact the drugs may cause you more anxiety and TMS pain due to the side effects. If the pain recovery program isn't enough, I would suggest to you the "Attacking Anxiety" program by Lucinda Bassett. It helped me tremendously, I used to get panic attacks, but was 100% cured of that after doing her program. Read the reviews for yourself on Amazon.
  4. Secret Habit

    Secret Habit Peer Supporter

    Just saw this and can back this up - Porn addiction, regardless of how "addicted" one may think they are, plays massive roles in these symptoms... I know all about it and once I cut it out, I started to heal - Not instantly by any means but over about a year and a bit.

    Its so rewarding!
  5. Secret Habit

    Secret Habit Peer Supporter

    How are things going for you now? I know its a tough thing to deal with... Can be very secret and embaressing for one BUT glad you can be open about it on here

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