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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Zippo, Feb 23, 2022.


Using painkillers is okay for now in order not to be obsessed with the pain?

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  1. Zippo

    Zippo Newcomer

    I am working on the recovery program and started with some relieve. However I am falling into thought patterns that continue and exacerbate the symptoms. I wander if this is due to lowering the use of painkillers. I went from Fentanyl 37 to zero and from Oxycodon from 100 to 50, but I simply can't cope. Resulting in bad nights and confronting myself with the pain continously.

    What to do? Return to using painkillers again? Without I can't function at the moment (work, family live, etc.). I strongly believe in TMS, thats not the issue, but this is nevertheless resulting in doubts...

    Please advice, I really need some help here!

    Thanks all, and keep positive!
  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Zippo,

    You don't say how long you took the Fentanyl and Oxycodon, but if it has been long enough to become addicted, then you will experience the symptoms of withdrawal when you reduce the dose. The effects of withdrawal are physical and not TMS. Is your doctor working with you to gradually taper your dose? I'm not a doctor or addiction specialist, but after discovering I had TMS, I started to withdraw from 20 years of taking Tramadol 24/7. I did it gradually, but it was still hell and caused all my pain symptoms to get worse. It took awhile to get through it, but I still craved the drug for a long, long time. However, I did eventually become pain free by following a TMS treatment path.

    I hope you find the support you need to get through this. I know it is difficult. Hang in there. It gets better eventually.
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  3. Dakota

    Dakota New Member

    Hello, going to share this, hope it can el in some way. Headache. neck pain and shoulders that are like blocked. I went on taking pills, but inside I knew that I should have surrendered to the pain in order to achieve the results of this program, and in general of my therapy and work on myself. But sometimes the pain doesn't allow you to do anything, right? So last week, I was super stressed. I had headache and so forth. I took the pills, and the day after I had problems to my upper side of the stomach. Everything was burning. So, the pain went from a place to another place, and I helped this transition with pills. I?d love to be able next time not to take pills...but what if I have to work? What if I need to do something that I cannot procrastinate?
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  4. Zippo

    Zippo Newcomer

    Indeed, what if I have to work? With the pain as it currently I simply can’t, and I can’t afford that…

    I do work with my doctor to gradually taper the dose, however, maybe we are going to fast…
  5. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey bro, even Sarno prescribed pain killers. As long as you are actively involved in the program and dealing with stuff, there is no reason to be miserable.

    Only you will know if you are taking them for the 'right' reason, but as an ex substance abuser I will tell you that going off of 50 mgs of Roxy is a steep dive...like 15 or 20 lortabs a day . There is an equivalency chart on Wikipedia. It's probably a good thing your off the fentanyl cause that stuff is bad news, but I'd taper off the Oxy. Get a Drs help if need be...if your here in the states they HAVE to help you...it's the law.

    meanwhile, work on the head stuff...that is where your true relief is gonna come from...being honest about what really pisses you off in your day to day life and past life....a deep thorough inspection

    It will also help you not need to painkillers...win-win
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