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Pain was lessening... and now it’s stuck

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Lauren.R89, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. Lauren.R89

    Lauren.R89 Peer Supporter

    I had made great progress in 2019, not pain free but more pain free periods of time and probably would have considered myself “recovered” from acute TMS. And then in Nov of 2019 an old pain came back and it has just been kicking my butt for a year now. I used to have pains move about - now it’s just this one area, over and over and over. I’ve gone through Alan’s program on here and Schubiner’s book and individual therapy and and and the pain still seems to be doubling down (I’ve ruled out anything serious, also.) The pain scares me, but it’s a real loop because if it would stop coming back with a vengeance - the stakes would feel a bit lower. My pattern right now is that at some point during the day the pain goes, but it always always shows up every day. Which prior to the “stuckness” of this particular sensation - had not been the case. Anyway, i feel pretty confused. These tools were working for me and now it’s like, my brain just refuses to feel safe. If anyone has experienced this sort of thing, or has ideas, I’d love input. I’m sure it isn’t helping that the sensation scares me and that it’s on my mind so often.
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Is there a situation you feel 'stuck' in? an emotion, an activity - a responsibility...? Look for what 'checks' you emotionally or psychologically - maybe there you will find the answer... good luck.
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  3. Miriam G. Bongiovanni

    Miriam G. Bongiovanni Peer Supporter

    Hi Lauren,
    It is common to get stuck the second time you get symptoms, because of the feelings of disappointment that are generated when you get the pain again.
    I think the best bet for you is to work with the emotions you are generating with regard to pain. You probably feel disappointed, frustrated, and, as you yourself state, scared. These are the very feelings that can keep you stuck in the pain cycle. The trick with TMS is to build enough inner-knowing and confidence to still feel powerful even if you get the pain. In that way, the pain will eventually stop as it will no longer be having the desired effect.
    My recent blog on how to get back your power may help you: https://www.painoutsidethebox.com/tms-blog/how-to-treat-tms-pain (How to Treat TMS Pain from a Position of Power — PainOutsideTheBox)
    Feel free to reach out if you need more help.

    Miriam Gauci Bongiovanni
    TMS Coach at PainOutsidetheBox.com

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